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  1. I have toyed around with a lot of different things, but the sad honest fact of the matter is, I use the new heavy attacks less than I used the channeling system previously, and that is without lifestrike being considered. 

    I also find it sad that daggers can't compete with other melee for finisher damage now. Running around with Ivara doing finishers with a hammer feels like blashemy, but is oddly more effective, than my balla with covert+ a finisher dmg riven. 

    Simply put I am using different weapons, and builds than before, but there is not as many interesting options. Going back and using the Dual Ichor again has been an experience.

    I stopped using the Zenistar completely. Recalling the disk removing the combo counter, makes it a waste of time building the counter for more time. Avenging truth on the old sword n board seems to not be working as intended, and still lists charge attacks, so I am running something else. 

    These melee changes do not feel as planned out to me, as I would expect so many changes that took so long to feel. I still go through level 300 mobs just fine. I do miss the endless Ivara mot all day runs, it was game play I found enjoyable, one mistake and you are toast was fun for me.

    It doesn't really feel like the same game. DE could have added the lift mechanics and ragdoll physics, while fixing channeling. I believe doing so would have been better, and saved them a lot of time. 

    I tell you what I do not enjoy. This 5 wave defense, 1 set interception, or survival that magically stops dropping oxygen when the timer is done(In the Lich system). Why can't I just stay and farm Thralls if I want? I'm an endless mission fan, and player, the short mission stuff annoys me to no end. 🥺

  2. 4 minutes ago, Loza03 said:

    Discussing the overall control scheme is a dramatically different thing to 'there are only so many keys within comfortable reach, and most of them are used, so this specific proposal isn't practical, especially considering that the gameplay side of the request (a fast switch into dedicated melee) is already in the game to some degree'.

    No I didn't. I'd always been saying that Mouse+keyboard is lacking enough comfortable keys to make this suggestion happen.

    Literally my first post here.

    There is absolutely nothing preventing an option being added in keybinds.

    I have never experienced a game with so many control options, that I ran out of bind options. A fast switch to melee isn't in the game, and a bind being added as an option for someone to go directly to melee only, doesn't change your controls in the slightest. Let us decide where to bind it, our keyboards obviously have more keys than yours.

    He is completely correct the current system is clunky, and options are needed. The great thing is as an option, it does not affect you.

  3. 10 minutes ago, Loza03 said:

    That's ultimately irrelevant. The Defaults are the default. The default has to work, and work comfortably. Whether you choose to rebind anything (and I have) is ultimately irrelevant. You should not have to, it should be entirely due to the player preferring an alternate configuration. And, with the defaults, there aren't any comfortable keys left.

    It's completely relevant! Plenty players do not find the current set up comfortable, and by your own words, "the default needs to work and work comfortably". It doesn't. They removed options that made it comfortable for others. Earlier you claim that doesn't matter because of controller users. Everyone does not play with controllers, and it is completely possible to have different control schemes for both controller and M+KB.

  4. 30 minutes ago, Loza03 said:

     WASD and space are more or less non-negotiable. 

    You must be a default player. As an old competitive UT player from back in the day, ESDF is superior to WASD in every possible way. The reason Keybinds exist is because not everyone is comfortable with defaults.

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  5. 3 hours ago, Loza03 said:

    Answering the second part first since the first part needs it, there are only so many buttons on a controller, and only so many within the comfortable reach of the standard mouse+keyboard control setup, most of which are already being used.

    Which is why, since the situation is more or less moot in terms of speed, a dedicated button isn't practical. There simply aren't enough.

    PC users that prefer mouse, and keyboard should not be limited because someone wants to use a controller. Modifiers are a thing, therefore running out of keys is unlikely. Asking him to swing with E and lock in with F is the exact kind of clunky many including myself, dislike.

     The new changes do not feel like they have been influenced by a PC gamer. 

    I would prefer a separate bind for primary, and secondary. Pulling the wrong tool for the job, and cycling with one key is sloppy. Currently using the redundant swap gun to make things less clunky at times, but it's not ideal.

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  6. The two hardest to get would be Blazing Step Ephemera and the Braton Vandal Blueprint, you can at least trade for the braton blueprint though and the other is just a cosmetic.

    Keep broken war farm things make plat buy hunhow pac. I did the rebuild broken war farm it was not fun, but not that bad either.

  7. 3 minutes ago, Violet_Xe said:

       I'm not oblivious to people's struggles getting certain items, I myself have been subject to stupid drop rates and farmed 6 months straight just praying for an item which was meant to be common. RNG is bitter sweet but if DE switched ephemera to being like you said a set number i'd be elated with that change. But I don't say anything on it because I doubt they'd ever consider that. But the issue here is the ability to trade ephemera to players when DE said they are earned only. They are no longer earned only and even within ESO, however twisted that drop rate and sheer chance may be, is earned and not bought.

       By earned I mean obtained through grinding or luck, or in your suggestion a reward, not bought with a premium currency and I believe that's what DE Rebecca meant at the time when she said earned only. Unobtainable through premium currency, which is not what we have now.

    I am still going to disagree, because as we all know, (Sheer Luck and Earned do not equate.) Simply none of them have been earned except Naberus, and Bleeding from the Arbiters.

  8. 16 hours ago, Violet_Xe said:

    I posted this in the feedback for the update, but I'll post it in another thread just to hopefully make it somewhat more noticeable because I want to push this out there. 

       I'm really sorry to say this, it's going to sound extremely biased as it's coming from someone with a vengeful ephemera already. I know that reduces my credibility but I need to put that out there for honesty sake. I am furious and saddened at the ability to trade lich for ephemera and I'm calling BS on this change, I HATE it. Laugh if you want but I have reason. DE just took back something critical, I remember what DE said. DE pitched ephemera to us on devstream #123 as "trophies" or "achievements".They are meant to show you earned something, to prove to others you did something remarkable and went through some challenge to get these "trophies".

    DE Rebecca Devstream #123 41:05 "We have a new school of cosmetics coming that are going to be for launch and probably quite some time after launch- they are going to be earned only, they are things you can get by playing sortie, in arbitration stores, in the ESO, and among other things, some upcoming content will have it dropping. So you can only earn these and only players that are capable of  earning them will be able to use them."

       Now... you're letting players sell the ephemera? I'm somewhat on the fence about that increase to 10% but this feelsnot just dirty and monitized, but completely goes against what ephemera were introduced as. You went back on your word AGAIN DE. Or were you always intending on making ephemera traceable just to make more money and lied to me, to us? This even disrespects the players that farmed hours, days, even a full week to gather several ephemera. You just devalued all that time spent. 

       I admired players for having an ephemera I wanted, now I don't. They probably bought it. I had pride in my charge ephemera. Now I don't. I used to grind lich for the ephemera *and feedback*. Now I don't. Why do any of that when I can trade for one. This may be a positive change in many players eyes, but this not only killed the only value the lich had for me, which isn't even content, but also deeply wounded by trust that you'll ever provide us with exclusives and achievements ever again.

       I want this change reverse. At least to the point where ephemeras can't be traded but maybe lich still can? But I know it won't happen and I'm just going to get laughed at for even suggesting this. I hope this gets heard in the flood of comments because I am not letting this go.


    I completely disagree with you out of principal. With the exception of the Halloween Bat Ephemera, none of them have been a challenge or earned. Even Blazing Step is nothing but raw luck. It took me over 1200 runs to get Blazing Step. I took one of my sons with me, on his first ESO run ever, and he got Blazing Step on that run. He did not earn Blazing Step, and neither did I. If they want to first fix the bad RNG mechanic that equates to blind luck for ephemera, only then would I agree. 

    In fact they should set a number of ESO runs for someone and flat out give them the Ephemera after they hit the required number. I'm generous 100 would be my idea, but even 500 would be better than, scratching off a scratch ticket ever 20 minutes 1200 plus times and hoping for a RNG lottery win.

    Nope unless they get rid of RNG somehow equating to something earned, or a challenge. Having them be traded is less offensive, even though I don't agree with most things being traded anyway(mainly rivens). 

    Here is a screen taken by Blacksheep to go along with the story above.. No ephemera was earned that day!20191003035237_1.jpg

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  9. ‘Hold Melee’ will now perform heavy attack like it did before Phase 2.


    I am going to need a way to disable that, or increase the hold time by a huge amount, because Heavy attacks which are entirely more pointless than channeling ever was, expend all  melee counter. This one change has completely crippled melee. Can we get some kind of legacy control system or something, this is to melee counter, what auto block draining all your energy was to channeling. The only use I found for heavy attack so far, was throwing canisters on the rank 28 test.🙄😕😟

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  10. 59 minutes ago, (XB1)InductiveBag46 said:

    Well done, you wasted thousands of hours doing 20w hydron runs, we're all so proud of you ;]

    Why would anyone do 20w hydron to rank weapons, when one fast stealth run of adaro does it in way less time?

  11. 1 minute ago, Tyreaus said:

    I have the very weird thing happening where return hits occur sometimes. I can't get it to work on purpose, but there's a few times, for whatever reason, I get one kill on the recall path. What's aggravating is that, many times, the disc returns on a parabolic trajectory instead of straight back, so it's doubly unreliable.

    I've also noticed that there's sometimes some weird jank going on with throws? Usually the character just stops and throws, but sometimes the character "jumps" in the direction I'm moving just before it throws, as if it's locking into a discrete position value. Really messes with one's aim.

    Also, is it just me or is the homing on the initial all but gone now? There's weird instances where it'll target other enemies, even at weird angles, and I feel like that's meant to be some kind of reward for headshots (I swear I read that somewhere). But there's no consistency on that homing, and there's next to no homing on the initial throw, certainly not like there used to be.

    Used to work all the time, now on rare occasions it will work, but most the time it just harmlessly flies right through the mob.

  12. 19 hours ago, (PS4)NeunDrachen said:


    Every other game mode has you facing hordes of enemies with only a couple of frames making use of the finisher mechanic. This set an unnecessary standard to what frame you could pair with daggers.


    That is actually wrong! Every frame had the ability to benefit from finishers, it was in channeling, as executing a channeled parry could stagger enemies firing at you opening them to finishers.

    Never ceases to amaze me the amount of people that clearly never jumped down the rabbit hole that was channeling. 

  13. While I can appreciate that more melee is now viable for most content. I am really not enjoying the lack of depth, in the new melee system. Niche weapons have been gutted for the most part. It all feels rather bland and lackluster now. The previous system really was brilliant, but like anything needed some polish. Instead they decided to reinvent the wheel, and forgot to start with something round.😞

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  14. 1 hour ago, Reakacemrz said:

    man leveling archwing is a  pain for me right now because of a bug where i cannot getout of the archwing until  i die and  this strted after the old blood update  and the most problematic thing only some people r affected by this in pc so it is never getting fixed

    Go into your keybind options, find roll left, and roll right for archwing If they have changed to q, and e. Set them to something you are not using, or reset default bindings. The inability to dismount archwing, is a bug specifically caused by those bindings.

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  15. 10 hours ago, Zekkii said:

    I used to use it on Ivara with covert lethality, it was perfect because the dagger had a lot of open slots and it gauranteed kills for basically no energy.  That build is about as good as you might expect now.

    As for the new Dispatch Overdrive, I think it's pretty terrible.  Having to give up your entire combo counter is incredibly build limiting.

    I feel for you, I also used dispatch on a Ivara, well as exodia brave. It's horrible with them both being tied to Heavy Attack. Doing a heavy attack with Ivara and a Balla is so clunky it breaks game immersion.😞

  16. 1 hour ago, MPonder said:

    Meleeing is horrobile anyway, doesn't matter. Smash E or put a macro to spin, this is all I see from players.

    I see some running around with ground slam animation cancel macro's. Makes me want to vomit, because it reminds me of the colossus slam animation cancel macros some used to exploit mechanics in Anthem.😟

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