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  1. Birthday wish (24th. of September is my day o' birthing)... any word of the mix & match Archwings? I'm sick of having to rely on amesha EVERY STINKING TIME I want to railjack. thank you in advance.😎👍
  3. As the title says; objective, waypoints and exit markers in HUD / character view have for some reason reduced to size of pinpricks ever since last night into this morning (July 31 to August 01, 2021). I am assume Latest HOT"fix"(/sarcasm) had something to do with this? Fix it ASAP. Thank you. P.S.; and oh yes, I've messed around with 'HUD scale'. NOPE. No joy; still nearly invisible markers.🤬
  4. Yes. Welcome to Warfarm. I feel your pain.
  5. My god... *blink blink* a nerf that makes actual sense? End-times Tenno, end times. 🤣 Kidding aside; disabling these mods since they have no effect on the sentinels makes absolute sense. THIS is the only nerf coming up with Sisters of Parvos that I actually agree with. The ONLY one mind you, but yeah. Regardless of the mean spirited and utterly boneheaded nerfing of TENNO Melee coming up I'm looking forwards to the rest of Sister of Parvos update. Especially Yarelli 😍🥰💖 Can not wait to get our surfer-scout 'frame hanin'-ten on Boxhead and G'neer helmets.👍 ~Stay safe. Keep the faith. ... and as always; keep your skanna sharp, Tenno.
  6. I'm still with the game, but I agree 100% with this person
  7. Yeah... a LOT of (justified) negativity, DE. You were told time and again (except by Potato-man and who cares what he thinks anymore) "NO MORE NERFS" this goes double for the melee. I know you've already decided to ram these ill advised changes down our throats because of one or two people squealing about 'Melee is new meta! Waaaaaaa!' Yes. Melee was the new meta. You MADE it so and it was good. The Tenno are NINJA's; masters of BLADE and gun. The Steel Path is overseen by a SAMURAI -ahem- Dax, a master of the SWORD. Sword = melee. Thinks this over. REAL hard. Remove these boneheaded NOT minor nerfs. I feel sorry for the poor coders who had to do long hours to create the code to make these unwanted changes.
  8. ...and the melee nerfs are as bad as I thought. what's so [cenored] wrong with red crits?🤬 And as many have said; the added arcances / galvanized mods will just increase the divide between 1337 meta-play and , not-so-1337.
  9. Awesome; but really feeling catfished on the Soakatron. REALLY catfished🐈🐟. I think a number of other Tenno feel the same *looks at the forum thread(s) and winces* Yeah, you may wanna tell whoever was responsible to either cut cost in half, OR make it universal to ALL rifles. Stat.😐
  10. no... Reb just confirmed that they didn't bother making it universal. Not HER fault but I think she is JUST as peeved as we are.
  11. To the DEV's; awesome presentation (even if you were missing one of the team for... "reasons" *looks at game 7 results and shudders*), and looking forwards to the upcoming content block. Yareilli is awesome and can't wait to take our water nymph out to "play" with the corpos and g'neer. Looking forwards to the "paying off debts owed" material [DE] Steve keeps mentioning (re; polishing content left raw) and the new stuff for Sisters of Parvos ... and whatever it is you all have NDA's about for Tennocon 😂😝 Catch you in the live-streams on Twitch and see you all at the Virtual TC events. Stay safe. Keep the faith. ..and as always; keep your skanna sharp, Tenno.
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