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  1. They REALLY need to make the "Heart" arrow an actual skin as opposed to a one-shot item.. 😒
  2. Thanks Spacemom! Looking forwards to hearing when we can snag the tickets for TC2020.
  3. BTW: Bugjack is still buggy. ~imepenatrable wall of suck when using side guns (re; can't see past this big irregular patch of black) ~Still have my archwing blade and gun show up randomly in hand when arriving on a point of interest or back at the 'jack. ~Inabillity to use ANY avionics on the tactical or battle grid if not host. ~Being one shotted in anything but the Amesha. Still. Thank you for the other fixes though.🤪
  4. As the title says; can not scroll, or even click through any of the forums when using the steam browser in Warframe. Any possible fixes?
  5. Good to know we WILL be getting some QoL re-mixing of the Litch (spell it correctly please) system. The 'insta-banish' thing WAS kinda a cop-out; Glad you folks replaced it with "This is what the Larvaling has... kill and create Litch, or let swim free?" Some questions / issues though. 1. Fixes to outstanding bugs still present? Ivara losing all prowl even if all weapons hushed / supressed. Pilots unable to use avionics (any avionics) seemingly at random, but for entire mission. Black-wall-of-suck still showing up for side gunners. 2. Making other archwings viable outside of Amesha ((Scott? I see you back there. Step away from the NERF button for Amesha!!!))... by say; removing the one-shot-kill from all crew-ships and even high-level grineer fighters in the veil or heck, even Saturn. 3. Making Railjack guns actually able to hurt and / or defeat crewships without resorting to use of the Tunguska artillery. 4. Increasing the instance of the Galleon; seriously; I've run the ship-yard tile sets nearly 50 times EACH, and maybe...MAYBE had the damned thing show up a TOTAL of five times since Empyrean's launch. No I am not joking. For some other players that rate is worse. Unacceptable, since not only have you MR locked the Quellor AND the Pennant, you also have locked it behind an ultra rare P.o.I. tile set AND RNG'd it's drop rate to stupid-low! I am not complaining for my sake; I have forged BOTH weapons, but others are ready to burn their accounts over this... which leads to... 5. The SHEDU. Really folks. REALLY?! You still have it locked behind an "event" which only happens 30 minutes every 3 hours locked to RNG on ONE, ONE (!!!) type of Sentient with a drop rate that is criminal, or drops the SAME DAMNED PART nearly a dozen times over that many runs. I know some will squeal like stuck lab-mice over this suggestion (as in "I had to do the run, blah blah blah me me me, mine mine whine"), but maybe, JUST maybe... have the parts available at Little Duck's for 5 anomaly shards each. That is in keeping (total value) with the ephemera at 15 shards. This will go a long long way to actually having players complete the missions (and not aborting) and foster a LOT of good will from players who have been stymied by this punishing and frankly sadistic "loot-box" hunt. Again. I am not speaking on my own behalf, as I eventually was able to get the parts (and traded for the final one; part-for-part equal value), but for the other Tenno who are cursing your names each time they come up empty handed or with another part that they have multiples of. I know I've been talking-smack at / about you (the collective you) recently. Sorry-not-sorry; I love this game. 6 years, since Hydroid NORMAL came out... I remember endurance bars and only 4-lives-per-frame-per-day. You have all come a LONG LONG way, and I wish to see you go another 6 years, but seriously STOP nerfing constantly, fix the bugs ASAP, and make good on the promise that Railjack / Empyrean WILL not just be another island, but will connect to the rest of the game. Preferably BEFORE Tenno-Con 2020. Thank you all in advance, nothing but love (even if it is TOUGH love in this case). Keep parkouring, and keep your Skanna's sharp. ~Shemarria; 52nd airborne Deth-Faerie Corps. "Sting Like a Razorfly!"
  6. Ivara losing prowl (at random) when on any railjack mission, regardless of maxed out hush or supress mods. Doesn't matter if she is on-deck, out an air-lock, or yeeted out the slingshot. I've lost so much affinity (equaling intrinsic points) by being one shotted by the bullet-sponge grineer any-time this bug pops up. FIX IT! P.S.; tell the drone in the other forum posts to knock it off with the stealth deletes. You people have screwed up, though yes, you ARE patching things... but erasing actual content that points out EXACTLY what needs to be done to make Railjack work is a diservice to your community and reflects very very very VERY badly on the company. stop it. now,
  7. FIX Your BUGGED OUT Game mode. This being Railjack ~ Ivara having any weapon she fires bring her out of prowl regardless if they are silent or not (and I ALWAYS pack hushed / supressed weapons to a railjack). ~ MANY MANY graphical glitches happening including the black-out wall of doom if someone is side-gunner. ~ Artillery doing RED crits on a crew-ship (I see the number pop up) yet not doing ANY damage... at all. ~ ...and can we talk damage scaling. REALLY REALLY talk I mean? You know the individual in question who is DIRECTLY resonsible for this. ~ STOP NERFING! I mean stop it completely. EVERYTHING in this [Censored] glitched out mess of a game mode is a bullet sponge. Damage / elemental types do not seem to matter at all, so if that IS the case, stop nerfing us and buffing the enemies. Thank you in advance but this is getting intollerable.
  8. This entire post... ALL OF IT. My god this.
  9. I'm a gonna leave this right here... ((Please forward to DE Scott post-haste before the pitchforks and torches are handed out for real outside DE studio)).
  10. Did they just nerf Ivara's prowl in Railjack? I have all my primary and seconadires as SILENT (hush / supress) yet I appeared visible when I used them. WTF!? Is this a bug?
  11. A little-bit of clarity as to why a bunch of us are peeved NOT just because of Bugjack being buggy, loot-box mechanics on gear and...well. Let me let HER explain: lower volume if in public space; her language can be... salty.
  12. 2 Smeggin' true! 🤘 * -ahem- I care not for the mythical Vidar. * So far my 'guns' rolls have been pretty sweet stat-wise. * With updated resource drop-rates for avionics, I don't feel cheated. * As bullet spongey as the Exo & Gyre Grineer are, they are NOT un-beatable... just really nasty if you get too cockey (geting one-shotted by a liquid helium sprayer sucks the "yay" factor out of breaching a crewship). For the bad; see above bolded and italicized text (plus a few other bugs mentioned ad-nauseum in previous posts NOT fixed as of yet). The artillery is supposed to be THE BFG, the wave-motion gun, the SDF Macross Cannon, the BIG ONE. The fact you only get 4 shots per magazine / capacitor, and it now either hits the invisible bullet-sponge wall or barely warms the paint on the crew-ships???? Uh. NO. Just, NO. If we have limited shots, DE? Let them COUNT! ORRRRRR... give us a recharge counter instead between shots so we don't feel like you're wasting our time AND resources better put towards ohhh...fixing the half dozen breaches fires and electrical shorts that a Grineer with a pea-shooter tears through our hulls. ASIDE for the still extant glaring flaws and bugs and ham-handed NERFS, I DO enjoy Railjack. I really really do.
  13. Okay *nod* still a metric tonne of work to do to fix this (re; Erra quest / Anomaly time-gate; increase time it is active or reduce re-set time for occurrence), but a few steps in the right direction. You still need to make the other Archwings viable (I.E.; make Itzel's stealth works while moving, Odonata's flares actually make seeker missiles NOT one-shot kill you, etc) and bring back the hit-scan of the Imeprator. Aside from that, I approve and thank you all for putting out MOST of the bugs that has plagued the Railjack game mode since launch.
  14. Also; can we talk about the 'Annomaly' every 3 hours, only on for 30 minutes and speed runners going STRAIT for the loot, and if not finding it, just ditching?! Oh and the 2% drop for the (buggy as [cenored]) Shedu parts? 2 years. TWO STINKING YEARS we waited; then it is locked behind a time-gate mission (which sucks rocks), with abysmal drop chance and is a draw for the worst aspects of "ME ME ME ME" players! Fix THAT. (I dunno, ever 3 hours but for 45 minutes so at least some of us have a fighting chance to log into a semi-decent crew of NOT greedy @$$hools). I really could care less about the vidar. I'd like better drop chances for some of the more flashy battle avionics; void hole & fire-phoenix being two. You NERF Amesha you will lose a LOT of community good will. Scott? You reading this? NO. Just NO. You ruined Itzel, back the [censored] off from the ONLY thing even remotely useful in archwing. Pretty much everything else has been touched on. Looking forward to some much needed fixes and IMPROVEMENTS (NOT f'n nerfs) to Railjack game play. I'm still a white knight for you folks, but a lot of that 'paladin' feeling has been scoured away by this PUNISHMENT game-mode.
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