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  1. WOW... okay then. Um. yeah. Hoping for Halloweenie type 24hr. event as well, but this will do. Thanks!
  2. When Railjack was announced, Void, 3.5 years ago? That long? The hype was real and the excitement was an almost physical force. FFWRD to last year. Buggy design, punishing bullt-sponge-one-shotting-enemies, and just ONE mission type. ONE. The rework. Okay not bad, but we still do not have our command intrinsics after almost 2 years. We still only have 'skirmish' and only Grineer (or sentient ground fighting IF anyone bothers to do anomaly missions). Also; it is a content island. NO as in NONE of the integration with the rest of the game. This is painful especially when Nightwave h
  3. This is classist in the extreme. Your self-entitlement is showing.
  4. @DeSteve This "improvement" while pretty, does a massive hit to my GPU and my FPS goes to slide-show mode. Seriously, I could care less about real-time shadows and reflections when my 2GB vid-card (and 16GB RAM on CPU), which is using the present rendering engine is doing JUST fine. If you are going to force this "Improvement" (/sarcasm) on all players, give us the option to nix the resource hogging. Not all of us have the $500 to $1500 to buy 6 to 8 gig vid cards... especially during plague season. You keep telling us to be sympathetic to DE's situation with the work-from-home; be sym
  5. ...and reversion to 'Marked for Nerf' -ahem- I mean Marked for Death to its original un-nerfed (but minus mod-doubling bug) WHEN? This is not a laughing matter [DE]; considering it is a mediocre (at best) ability without some heavy meta... now it is damage capped, reduced in effectivnes and still an energy hog and mother-wonking SCHLOG of grind and resources to unlock AND instil. As stated in an earlier post; no need to "review". Reverse the nerf. Remove the bug. OR Refund all materials cost for those who unlocked it only to have it blasted out from under them by the nerf
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