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  1. What you say about my boy nezha and reliably not dying?
  2. Im on ps4 so i dont have that yet, but fae might be a gpu particle problem, try turning that up, freezing on the other hand is just dissappointing, why does it not have particle affected snowflakes ore freezing mist or idk anything else
  3. An icicle every few steps but thats it? No major particle effects or am i missing anything?
  4. The insta switching also bothers me as it made holster animation absolutely useless
  5. The idea of blocking on guns just doesnt sit right with me, the same way aiming on melee would be wrong
  6. Sorry but i dont like blocking on guns, especially with the animations, for me blocking should be for melee what aiming is for guns And i would greatly prefer to do either of those things manually
  7. I am of the opinion that blocking should be nowhere near gunplay Would you block with your gun? Would you block with melee and instantaneously switch back to gun in a single animation? I do not know how they would handle that animation wise and i dont want to imagine it
  8. Do you use melee frequently? Have you read a single post about how auto block interrupts gunblade or any other melee weapon's charged attack?
  9. Channeling is not going completely away tho, it will simply turn into something else Reducing complexity by reducing functionality is not the way to go, especially with automated blocking, otherwise we could start making everything automated and let the game play itself, then we really wouldnt have to care about what button has which function and if gun or melee is currently active The currently active thing is important btw, as you only ever have either gun or melee active, you will always "switch" to either gun or melee, with the exception of dual wielding which is right inbetween and hasnt really been inplemented yet But it has aim not blocking so its more on the gun side of things Something automated should never be in active gameplay, maybe passive
  10. Guns get 2 buttons dedicated to it while melee gets 1, despite the fact that manual switching to your guns is still a thing They dont have to roll back manual switching to melee Besides you still manually switch to melee by pressing melee dont you There might be the need for a button that does different things depending on what is equipped and aim/block would be a prime candidate as it would also function as an universal glide button As far as i know the point of melee 3.0 is the improvement of combat flow not a downgrade in functionality
  11. Removal of manual block = removal of player control = BAD
  12. No, it would be even better if they got rid of block alltogether, if it works on guns aswell it will literally interrupt everything you're trying to do, they also got rid of manual block gliding which was arguably the best form of gliding, aim and block should simply be the same button and the action depends on what is equipped
  13. Says the one with the account made in 2016 🤣😂, dont be rude, he may not be in the right but there is no reason to be like that
  14. Omfg, my god, the block part isnt even the important part of block gliding, its that it is gliding without the bothersome zoom of gun aiming If it was an unintended sideeffect then why the fk does auto block exist which is not manual on demand block but permanent "i'll interrupt whatever you're doing so you'll block everything", which also blocks while in the air causing an unwanted glide to happen
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