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  1. DE, you guys keep adding this cool stuff to kubrows... I literally can't use them as long as the stasis system still exists. It does not need tweaking or modification, the whole dang system needs DEATH. It's too much hassle to use a whole separate UI to go switch my pet for one or two missions, only to have to switch it back again, and then again, every damn time I want a different flavor of companion. Kubrows could be really cool... but I'm never going to use anything but the Smeeta so long as the Stasis system exists. Just make all the pets work like Moas and Sentinels as far as switching (one UI, one menu, one click).
  2. Clan Name: Duces Benevolens Clan Tier: Storm Platform: PC My Role: Founding Warlord Featured Image: Additional images:
  3. I'm a little confused How exactly will this new system work? Like a button on your in-game profile to give someone a +1? or what?
  4. *Fixed unequipping Balefire in Aegis Storm *CAUSING* issues for Hildryn FTFY #GrammarIsHard
  5. CLAN NAME: Duces Benevolens CLAN TIER: Storm CLAN PLATFORM: PC MY ROLE: Founding Warlord
  6. That's a totally useless statement to say on its own; nothing's really that wrong with Revenant.
  7. I don't see how this actually impacts the complaints of people who feel "left behind" by the system and have to wait X years to get certain items. Sure they can choose which, but they're still going to be years away from actually being able to get all the things. I get that it's supposed to encourage logging in, but there should also be some sort of factor that takes into account in-game hours played or something and that can help multiply your progress towards the next milestone, so that the more you actually play the closer you get to it.
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