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21 minutes ago, Urlan said:

It has an Ember statue yes, but the constantly burning scenery; dark lights; and colors match Red Veil more than Ember.

You do realize that Ember is fire themed warframe, right? The lights are orange-ish and not red, the walls are red and not white with red curtains, there are no Red Veil symbols, the trees are "normal" and not mutated.

I understand that it might seem similar since Red Veil is also fire themed.

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What I disliked about this even was that it was an absolute joke in terms of what you had to do. You literally had to do nothing. You could complete all of it in day one, without even explicitly doing anything for it, just by running normal missions. At this point I have 250 Pyrus essences (and didn't even collect most of them) and 3000 trembola essences.

Felt more like some free stuff than an actual event.

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