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Dojo Remaster Contest [Winners Announced!]


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Clan Name: Omniverse Gaming
Clan Tier: Ghost
Clan Platform: Xbox
Clan Role: Founding Warlord


Here is a video walkthrough of our Dojo's Observatory, Trophy Room, Soleto Garden, and Main Research Hall.

Here is an Imgur album with screenshots of the rooms from the walkthrough


Our Dojo is prominently Orokin themed. I hope you all enjoyed the tour, and we hope you all get to visit. Thanks for considering us.

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Clan:Shield Of Faith

Tier:rank 9 Ghost Clan


Role:Founding warlord WICKED at WAR

Participants:WICKED at WAR and Warlord ThelDePijama

Video Tour

Photos For larger images click HERE

Club Reactor:  The night club was created for the purpose of recruiting new members by hosting an event. In order to have music in the club we will have Octavias dancing, spread throughout the club evenly. There is a complete drum set for anyone to chime in on. Also a DJ stand located above the dance floor. In the back above all is the warlord throne. In the ceiling is a penthouse complete with a glass floor for viewing the entire night club. 

31385517708_15dafd51c9_m.jpg 45209635802_8c14f6798f_m.jpg 43445575630_dfb4fc09ea_m.jpg 45209639202_331da20b59_m.jpg

43445576130_0d6b17a277_m.jpg 45209641742_12768742a3_m.jpg 45209643452_bebb5e3f4b_m.jpg

Various Rooms and features:  

This is actually my second dojo after learning what not to do. All the generators all located in the generator wing. All the research is in the research hall. Careful, thoughtful design from the beginning. The trading plaza is the spawn room and right by the spawn point is two trading posts by the front door, complete with a drum by each to ring after a sale or purchase. The trading plaza wouldn't be complete without a buffet of fried fish, vegetables and a quiet bar. Tenno quarters has a common area with an entertainment center and weight room. The labyrinth is for periodic scavenger hunts with first, second and third prizes. By pushing a teleporter through the ceiling then teleporting to it, i was able to build an entire ship outside of the observatory. There are 4 observatories located on the observatory floor, each with a different theme. There is a hidden oasis for you to find and explore. Convenient access to everywhere by way of teleporter. The pictures and video do not do justice to the amount of time, care and thought put in to each location. I have been diligently working on completing all decorating before we finish the Hema, advance the clan and begin recruiting. 

45209643452_bebb5e3f4b_m.jpg 43445577000_3b64e12f3d_m.jpg 45209645682_2fabcd5ce3_m.jpg 43445577610_e718d43dc8_m.jpg

45209648842_2ef5c48747_m.jpg 43445578140_7b69826e3b_m.jpg 45209651872_ce93ea752a_m.jpg 45209653812_574152c485_m.jpg

31385533908_f641d022d5_m.jpg 44348074325_6b1c035190_m.jpg 31385535828_bc4b905b78_m.jpg 44348076035_4b28f8becd_m.jpg

31385537528_bbd1cb7bb5_m.jpg 44348077865_048b7a7cd6_m.jpg 44348078995_8cef7e2e71_m.jpg 31385540758_b5eb53b762_m.jpg

44348081525_e95f4c39f1_m.jpg 31385542388_15729b5ed0_m.jpg 44348083165_dbdca1a7c5_m.jpg 31385544458_96a78546fa_m.jpg

44348085125_b97bc6ae59_m.jpg 45259730011_fa71168e7e_m.jpg 45259731741_6b753c8dd2_m.jpg 45259733411_f2fc66faf6_m.jpg

45259734971_bb68e6825c_m.jpg 45259736531_9c4258e5b8_m.jpg 45259738681_fd3865e3d0_m.jpg 45259739501_6c60198a83_m.jpg

45259741461_3581c66014_m.jpg 45209673382_63e5b065dc_m.jpg 45259752011_fe6b2a8bf9_m.jpg 45209678722_d1d59b9bb0_m.jpg



Each room has labels and descriptions written at each kiosk. They are to help new members and also have unique facts about the location.

45259744621_265e0fca42_m.jpg 45209675072_fa0260b348_m.jpg 45259748301_22d503e852_m.jpg 45209676802_b9c5e634fe_m.jpg

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Clan name: SMT Bochra

Clan tier: Ghost

Clan platform: PC

Your Clan role: "General" (founding warlord)

I've got a lot to show, so I made an Imgur album.


Not all the rooms feel like they are worth showing, but I'm still very proud of my dojo! I've been working on it for a while now, and it's very nearly solo-built by me. It's intended to be a 'Home Base' for SMT Bochra (Steel Meridian Team, as Grineer aren't the brightest of souls), a clan founded from a team of Steel Meridian members and made up mostly of Grineer defectors.

edit: the recent update fixed a lighting issue in one of the rooms. Here's a better shot!


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  • Clan Name: Demon City Tempest
  • Clan Tier: Ghost
  • Clan Platform: PC
  • Clan Role: Founding Warlord

So before the pictures, I just thought "why not try" in terms of entering this. I just started a major revamp when I heard about the competition so some stuff is still being built. Only 1 Room is close to being shown off right now (the one you'll be seeing below) but I have others planned and in the works. With that being said, I am the sole member of my clan (x'D not really a clan is it? x'D) so all design and funding is done by I alone.
















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  • Clan: Ventus Inanis
  • Tier: Shadow
  • Platform: PC
  • Clan role: Founding Warlord.

Ventus Inanis is a small Clan, with a small Dojo, but every little hallway, every corridor and every chamber has a meaning to us. We all bow only to our real masters, the Orokin. Our Dojo exalt this devotion.


  • This is our Dojo's Vault. We trade, work and spend most of our time in here.



  • This is the main corridor, it goes trough our Dojo and conects The Vault with the rest of it.



  • We are the sword that divides truth and lies, good and evil, and through Duels we kill the doubt in us.




  • The Throne.3cigUv0.jpg

More screenshots: https://imgur.com/gallery/Qipwtzh

Thanks to all the members of Ventus Inanis,
Our Council and contributors: @ChesterSky, @acorasado10, @Overkill02, and myself, @Haschisch.

Special thanks to @Sebbaa, our "photographer", and to @..-kirito-.. and @ITheFoxer for being our models.

For Ventus Inanis and the glory!

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Clan name - Soft Paws
Clan tier - Moon clan
Clan platform - PC
Your Clan role - Founding Warlord

First of all i want to thank all clan members who donated, to make this happen.

Special thanks to  SteuerGiraffe / GravityFloxx / Hawke/ UnskilledPredatorsPrime / Koujian / klartz  for the big donations.
As a moon clan is a bit hard to decorate all rooms, Resources/Donations

Lua Cave infested with Orokin worms.



Corpus trade Room with weapons display. 



Cryo Chamber



Room decorated by GravityFloxx, a japanese culture interested guy with good eyes for details



Obstacle Course Maze. Very hard difficulty





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Clan Name: Transforma and Roll Out

Clan Tier: Ghost

Clan Platform: PC

Clan Role: Clan Architect


Good luck to all of the entries!  I almost single-handedly decorated and funded this dojo and I'm proud to be showing it off! 

Edit on 10/17/18 - Updated the video with all of the new rooms made between the original post date and today.  In total there are 7 new fully furnished rooms and 3 older rooms that were edited with some of the cool new effects.  I'm proud of how it turned out and am excited to show it off to DE and all of the other dojo builders in this thread!

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35 minutes ago, BCrossZero said:

Clan Name: Transforma and Roll Out

Clan Tier: Ghost

Clan Platform: PC

Clan Role: Clan Architect

For some reason I thought the contest ended on the 8th and not the 18th so I may update this video if any changes are made between now and then.

Good luck to all of the entries!  I almost single-handedly decorated and funded this dojo and I'm proud to be showing it off! 

Nice Crib - Nice Tunes :)

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