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Dojo Remaster Contest [Winners Announced!]

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- Clan name      :  XScavengers
- Clan tier          :  Ghost clan
- Clan platform  :  PC
- Your Clan role : Founding Warlord


Clean simple Dojo design / There is a few more room but not all object contributed yet .

3 members built / contributed this base.


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Hello Im Bluebeardedfish, captain of the Black Shark, please take a spare minute to see some screenshots of my dojo designed after a grineer ship lost in space for generations before steel meridian corsairs have restored to minimum results. If you want a tour yourself feel free to message me and/or friend me to see for yourself 😄


Clan name      :  The Black Shark
Clan tier          :  Ghost clan
Clan platform  :  PC
Your Clan role : Founding Warlord (Captain)

Welcome to the Black Shark!


An old grineer wreckage overgrown and condemned with life


pipes be bursting, sparks be flying, as the hallways are being repaired by the steel meridian


come see the mess hall and grab a bite of the finest food from cetus! 


Sneak off to the storage room to host an underground fight club


Take the ship from the docks, fly to 3 separate locations including an alien asteroid


or maybe take a look at the construction site outside


maybe you want a relaxing retreat with a waterfall and floating island forests


or maybe see the wreckage of the ship ranging from meteor impacts, overgrown plants, or chilling coolant leaks


Come sail under the Black Shark today! The steel meridian corsair ship!


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Clan name : What the Hek
Clan tier : Ghost clan
Clan platform : PC
My clan role : co-leader and only architect

here is the video, sorry it's a bit long.

months of work went into this, every room is 3-5 days of work, my co-leader pays for everything so thank you King_Scarhead!

PS: i made some new stuff since you guys visited

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Clan Name: Fuerza Latina Elite
Clan tier: Moon
Platform: Xbox One
My Clan Rol: Warlord








Altar de Muertos




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Name: The Shadow Tribe

Tier: Storm

Platform: PC

Clan Role: Founding Warlord


Below is a link to the images provided by our sole decorator--that's not me.

A few items aren't even complete because around 3/4 of the members barely/never talk in the clan chat. :fist::clem:


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5 hours ago, TommyBlue7 said:

The vault plat prize is very generous, but we dont really need to rush things with plat, what we do need for building is a metric ton of resources. As a prize that would encourage building more than vault plat, like 5000 gallium and plastids etc. Maybe you could add it to the prizes, because we build with resources not plat.

That'd be better, yeah. Plat in the dojo is currently useless beyond rushing things.

I'd go for having the old orokin legacy tileset being unlocked in replacement of the plat prize too.

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- Clan name      :  Deluxe Octave
- Clan tier          :  Shadow Clan  
- Clan platform  :  PC
- Your Clan role :  Clan Leader / Dojo Builder

At first, if you don't want to read the following description (please read them :D) , we prepared a short quick dojo review by Spacemom at end of this post.

We have a lot projects, and i am good at environment building. So for this contest, we bring you 7 of our best project in dojo: 

1. The Cave of Puck

Discovered by friendly Corpus scientists, found a very rare cristal in this ALIEN PLANET CAVE, It has cooling magma stone path on the floor through the whole cave, and waterfall from ground surface. It has wet environment and grow a lot aqua self glowing plants, also fungus under rocks. Also an eastern egg hiding on top of waterfall. 

Room: 2nd class clan hall  >> Trading and dojo entrance



2. Robo Exhibition Hall and Bar 

Our oldest Dojo entrance, One orokin warrior Mech and one Tenno Jaeger, a Corpus prototype combat Robot and a Grineer Tank that in repairing. In the middle of hall is the Fire of Fame, honored and glory, with 4 most beautiful ayatan around :D. And in one side is the trading place with waiting chairs and data screen, the other side is the bar, with gaming machine and lovely bar tables. Oh don't miss those little data cube working on the floor!! 

Room: 3rd class Clan Hall >> Trading, club and dojo entrance



3. Ice Age Theme Park

The first project after natural deco updates, before here was chrismas hall, in order to keep the snowman, so i turned it into ice age park. Here the portal spawn is in a small cave with a campfire, going down is the small wild ice age flavor plain. This room is the most important because it connects our 4 labs and also as center for our whole dojo structure.

Room: 4th class Clan Hall >> Trading, labs, Contribution and Dojo entrance.



4. Dung Beetles Market 

A Mars local market build in a cave, here sell lots of flowers and plants,ayatans, livestock and stuffs from POE. Basically a tiny cetus. Small but complete.

Room: 1st class clan hall / Start Dojo room >> Trading and dojo entrance. 



(The up 4 halls will be changed to entrance/Dojo spawn room every 2 days)

5. Glacier Hot Spring

Under Ice and Stone, sun shine through the ice layer on the top, and under ground flows the thousands years lava. The ice melts, water pours in, absorb the heat of hot stones. They gather here finally, at bottom water flow away into the underground, but in this space, god damn nice to enjoy this hot spring with clans :D. 

Details: Because of ice melting so in this room has no snow decorations, only ice and stone, i made environment wet looking and steamy, vines grow near hotspring because here has the temperature it needs. The lava undergound heat the water up as steam out of gabs from stones. 

Room: small water stone garden >> hot spring vacation :)) 



6. Small Design

We have 2 best small design in our dojo, they are Tenno spider and Green Lady



7. Hangar 

This is the oldest and best project from my clan, It's already in this clan since tenno,corpus grineer deco updates. Built on top of one of Observatory. The portal spawn put in a corpus cargo ship. Space hangar!!! Also the place where our clan activate Atlas for clan rank. 



Thanks you very much for reading all of this, hope our idea can give you valuable inspirations. We have been missed 3 times in prime times (due to EU time zone and many players xD),  Mom Rebecca has visited our dojo on 17.Sep.2018 at 8:17pm (Berlin time)  She loves hot spring, Robots hall and Cave of Puck.  Hope this time we can have nice showcase for you. ^^  


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Potato Farmers
Ghost clan on PC

Now I'm not sure if this really applies, as the entirety of the dojo proper is untouched. Instead, I made a tiny town to act as the hangout spot, trading area and trophy display.




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Clan name : -THUG BRONIES-
Clan tier : Shadow
Clan platform : PC
Clan role : Founding Warlord I was trying to do some corpus style,and a little bit orokin and tenno.  Lotus bless me. 








Third Floor. I tried.








And the "Japanese" Hall.








So thats all. 😄

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What good is all this plat when you can only build so much n you reached your limit on rooms, halls ect its useless .there are incredible dojos that are amazing good luck to all just think 5000 pl is a bad prize with limited capacity




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30 минут назад, NPetty сказал:

what if my founding Warlord hasn't been on in 2 1/2 years?


Is your Founding Warlord the only member with Architect permissions in your clan?

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42 minutes ago, NPetty said:

what if my founding Warlord hasn't been on in 2 1/2 years?


You can request to be the founding warlord if you have the 2nd highest rank

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  • Dralania Nova

  • Ghost clan

  • PC

  • Solari (Founding Warlord)


Instead of building giant elaborate gardens or mechs I wanted something that is more of a home for the clan.  


LOBBY <still under construction>:The welcoming area for all tenno, clan members and visitors alike.







TRAINING WINGS (EAST/WEST):Both holding a duel room each, the west housing the weapons testing course and east boasting a labyrinthine obstacle course <under construction>.







VAULT:Storage for all resources and spoils of battle for the clan.





GARDEN CAFE:A piece of asteroid that was integrated into the dojo, housing a meditative garden with a small cafe suspended above.






COMMONS:The main gathering and entertainment area for the clan.  Includes multiple seating areas, instruments for use by all members and an arcade.











LABS:Fairly self explanatory.  Housing all research for the clan and includes a central processing area to bring all the differing research together.






PERSONNEL CHAMBERS still under construction>:
The living area for all clan members.  Four blocks containing eight apartments each.  Rooms are left empty to customize for each individual.







CEREMONIAL HALL:The place to go for all clan ceremonies, from promotions to events, it’s all handled here.












Event based and other trophies.  Also includes a memorial to all fallen tenno.






OBSERVATORY (EAST/WEST):Flanking each side of the trophy room are the observatories.  While serving as a point to set missions, it also acts as a lookout position for dojo defense.





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  • Clan name: Diamond Legion
  • Clan tier: Ghost
  • Clan platform: PC
  • Your Clan role: Founding Warlord

This project just came to a close a couple of weeks ago after losing one of our founders. As a way of invigorating the ranks and bolstering our morale, we began to revamp our dojo. Previously the dojo had not been touched for almost two years. 

The First Scene you will notice the Pods at the base of the pillars. These are placed in such a way that periodically you will spawn in the dojo inside of one.


If you switch to your operator, your warframe will stay within, kind of like a storage pod.

The Second Scene is the list of transporter locations for easy access and the Hub Room for our members to gather and hang out.


Most of our membership doesn't like loki so we covered him up. lol. There is a secret shrine at the top of the pillar. 

The Third Scene is our Pro Velocity Course Course. Here we train all of our new recruits aspiring to master the art of movement.


We punish Zephyrs on this course. No cheating allowed. It is possible to get low times, but only once a proper line has been established by the runner, and memorized muscle movements have been honed.   

 The Fourth Scene is our Storage room. We figured that we have to have a room dedicated for storage as well as backup batteries, just in case the main generators go out. I mean, the 1.2 billion nanospores got to be going somewhere. 


The Fifth and Sixth Scenes are the Warlord Wings. These were set up by the Warlords themselves as a place where they could host guests, or have a pleasurable moment of peace and tranquility. 


The first room was created for my wife who has been in the clan since the beginning. The second is for my own tranquility. After all the war, this is where I go to meditate and contemplate the Lotus' actions, and plan how we might save her as a clan.

The Last Scene is our Founder/Council of Four Room. This is where our council makes decisions and casts judgment for disciplinary actions. It is also a briefing and awards room.

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