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Some Improvements for Infinite Gear Wheel + Mouse&Keyboard


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I haven't spent hours and hours using the new gear wheel yet, but I have some preliminary feedback about the inf. gear wheel.

  1. First off, I like that the gear wheel and the Emote "wheel" are now separate, since we can finally select items using "direction" alone instead of clicking on them like buttons. But, we have to hold down "Gear" and then awkwardly press "Tab" while holding down "Gear" and then keep "Gear" held down just so we can begin cycling through our Emotes. Opening up Emotes feels a bit time-consuming and requires more button presses and holds than it should.

    SUGGESTION - Give players the option to bind Emotes to a separate key. Alternatively: give players the option to tap "Gear" to cycle between Gear/Emote/Exit (or just Gear/Emote/Gear/Emote/..., with Esc acting as a "back to gameplay" button).

  2. It saves your "position" on the wheel each time it's opened, changing the positions of each item each time your wheel is looped through.
    That is-- you know how your first gear item is "North" / "12:00" on the gear wheel? If you get to the last item in your gear wheel (like, item #35 or something), then it'll be immediately followed by the first item... which might be facing "West-north-west" / "~9:45" or something. And it'll save there. And this position will change every time you loop through your Gear wheel, with the only solution being to loop all the way back, or to exit the game entirely. I'm not sure who enjoys this feature.

    SUGGESTION - Give us the option to automatically reset the wheel's "position" after every use. So, if you've looped through the wheel enough that your first item is now at "~9:45", closing and opening it again will leave it in its original "12:00" position.
    This way, players can quickly locate and use an item/emote by knowing its position on the wheel, rather than having to stare at icons (or, in cases where icons are similar, awkwardly read the title of each individual item).

  3. We have 12 Gear hotkeys, but 0 Emote hotkeys? What is this nonsense?!

    SUGGESTION - Seriously, some emote hotkeys would be nice. I'd imagine most players either have an empty-looking F-bar or an empty-looking Numpad right now.
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7 minutes ago, JudgeXion said:

While I agree that it would be nice to have a seperate Emote Hotkey, I also just wanna point out that you can cycle between Gear/Emote using Right Click too.

... This changes everything. You are a god.

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Warframe still, quite frankly, has one of the worst implementations of a gear wheel I've seen in any game.

It needs to be fast, intuitive, and not prone to mistaken inputs.  It needs to use as few buttons as possible to achieve that.

Options include:

  • Hold button down to keep the menu open.
  • Move mouse or gamepad stick in direction to select option (return stick to center, or move mouse back same amount to deselect).
  • Either release the menu button to activate the selection (acceptable where your action won't be using consumables), or use the default fire button to make a selection, then release the menu button to close the menu (adds a level of confirmation, but only requires the use of one extra button).
  • Tap button to open menu (allows a long press to be used on the same button, to open a second menu, eg, splitting gear and emotes, without having to use Tab at all).
  • Move mouse of gamepad stick in direction to select option (return stick to center, or move mouse back same amount to deselect).
  • Either tap the menu button again to activate the selection (acceptable where your action won't be using consumables), or use the default fire button to make a selection.

If you want a bigger menu, add submenus. It's easier, and faster to get to a specific point in a short tree (eg. all your specters in one submenu, all your restores in another), than having to scroll through a huge list that contains everything with no categorisation.  Have 8, not 12 items per menu/submenu, to make selecting the wrong item much less likely (so every item has a simple set of stick/mouse movements alternated with presses of one button.  Like the CS match start gear purchasing system).

Right now, everything looks like it was designed to be visually satisfying, with the animations of the menus looking nice, but functionally it is infuriating, because other games have done much better.

(and all of these issues are before I even get to how godawful it is, trying to repeatedly swap between a scanner and a siphon trap on a console, because half your trap time gets wasted in a clunky menu, that forces you to equip scanner, then weapon, then trap, then weapon, then scanner, etc..  I bet a lot of console players just say '#*!% it', and use a vauban if they want to scan anything).

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  • 3 weeks later...

Reset wheel position every time you open it : It's a needed setting. Having items in a different position everytime messes up with muscle memory and makes me waste time in a place I really don't want to, like in a firefight for instance. Idem for emotes I don't want to learn all the emotes' icons by heart, muscle memory took charge of that before... I don't have time to LOOK at the gear wheel it needs to be instinctive. Not having the gearwheel loop but actually making it stop at the end of the list would achieve that

I feel like a blind boy whose mean parents change the furniture's disposition every min.

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Do be mindful that the items in the gear wheel move based on which you used last. It #*!%s me over on console because I need to find my stupid gear items for events, or God forbid, use my scanner. 

Can we just lock items to a gear spot like we used to have? (Instead of this half assed PREY gear wheel rip off that doesn't even function intuitively)

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PS4 user here

I Like that the Gearwheel saves its Position.

Thumbsticks are kinda low precision for selecting stuff on the wheel, so once I have something I'm using targeted, its really convenient that its still selected next time I open the wheel. Saves a lot of time fiddling around.


and my fix for the 'looping through' issue is simple. don't equip more than a single layer of wheel. I'm used to that inventory size anyway, so no loss there.

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