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Shade's Ghost


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As cool and useful as this sentinel seemed when I first started playing, being able to vanish near enemies and hide easily made me use Shade rather than crafting the Carrier. After spending 1.5k hours on the game I realized how useless Shade's Ghost mod was, since it only has a 10 meter radius that you can't leave. 

All it's good for is momentarily hiding from sight for a few seconds (as long as you aren't against Moas or similar enemies who spray everywhere after you vanish)

You're able to use Warframe abilities which is nice, but being anchored to 10 meters close to an enemy as they constantly move if you're not in solo or in a mission such as defense or similar, and with Warframe's movement, dodges and bullet jumps exiting the range of an enemy/group of enemies, and whatever else makes using this consistently becomes harsh and slow.

Any buff to it's range even if it's just 2 meters would be nice, and one of the biggest problems I have with Shade's Ghost mod is that we don't see a cooldown (which is 10 seconds) so we don't know when we can activate it again. Some other abilities, mods or weapons with effects give us a little cooldown when we can use whatever effect again, it'd be nice to see this added to Ghost if we're not going to get a range buff. This cooldown can be shown as a status (such as Telos Boltace's spin effects) or as visual/sound effects that emit off of the Shade itself. Ghost's cooldown is also not listed on the mod itself, probably for the sake of description length though.

Recently a new mod got released for Shade that gives us a boost of damage after we exit our invisibility which may draw more players to run Shade, but I'd imagine with how Ghost runs, it won't draw that many players to continuously use Shade.

invis is always fun i will always use shade occasionally ye, it's not too bad if there's large groups of enemies in a chain or area so you're able to hop around them to have more movement room, i'd imagine this is why Ghost's range is so small. i just want to make this post to see what type of discussion i could make with this. i am unsure how Ambush reacts to warframe/weapon vanish abilities, since invisibility abilities cause Ghost's cooldown to reset.

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24 minutes ago, TARINunit9 said:

Its job is basically to protect you when reviving teammates. It might not have the full invincibility from AoE of that one shield mod, but since that mod kinda sucks and rarely lasts long enough for you to revive someone anyway Shade is overall the better option

I wouldn't base it solely on that my dude.

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