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The new update of CHIMERA is fantastic. As there is new UI design and feels pleasant.

1. some HOWEVER is bit out of PLACE like. when you go to PLAINS from CETUS GATE any ACTIVE BOOSTER and their REMAINING TIME flashes at TOP RIGHT corner which doesn't happen in normal missions. 

2. while in EIDOLON TERALYST fight and while breaking its 3RD SYNOVIA. if TERALYST STOMPS THE GROUND a YELLOW AURA and BLUE AURA follows ground that BLUE AURA is not bright enough as it was in before this new update

3. in PLAINS, MINING GEMS and using the mining beam no matter what color i choose the beams are very THIN. because when i used to select WHITE color the beam was thick now in this update its absolutely thin. and in day time the mining ORE OUTLINE is almost not visible in day time when bright SUN is on top of that ore 

That much i encountered and i posted here because these are not obviously bugs so kindly check them out and THANKS FOR NEW GEAR WHEEL FOR MORE THAN 12 ITEMS

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2.  Is probably cuz Steve screwed with the lighting in PoE to make it better....but hey if they can bump the brightness up on the rings great....

3.  Tough it out??  We are getting a new BETTER mining system!!!  Soon you just zap a rock and hold the button down while this meter fills and when it gets to the sweet spot you release it,  if you dont go past the sweet spot you get more minerals and or a follow-up chance (another meter) for more/different minerals.   Looks pretty dope, atleast for console users.  Dont think PC players ever had a problem with mining?  But that probably wont drop until November/Fortuna...   (Devstream 118 talked about it)

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