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My game uninstalled itself???


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It's a known Steam issue tho not particularly common, more so with F2P games tho but still not terribly common.

Essentially Steam loses track of the installation, the game itself is actually still there on your harddrive. Most of the time it isn't a super huge deal because when Steam goes to install the files it will see the files and after a validation it will realize that everything is where it should be and get everything back and running. 

The problem with Warframe that exasperates the issue is that Warframe doesn't update through Steam it updates through the launcher. Which means that the files Steam is looking for and the files that the launcher is looking for.... are completely different files. Usually Steams list is about a year+ out of date. Being unable to tell the difference Steam just sees them as mismatches and re downloads all of the files that don't match up with what it is expecting to see. Which ultimately causes the launcher to re download all the files that should be there. 

Consequently the reason you are told (or at least should be told) to use the launchers validation and never to use Steams validation. As steam will validate the current files against it's outdated references. "does this file match the hash? No, OK download the "good" file. I'm helping!" 

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