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Mag and Fetch.


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As we all know, we will receive the mod Fetch that will bring vacuum to the pets, and with that the Mag's passive will be useless.

So I have some suggestions for new passive:

  1. When Mag uses a skill she receives a force field stack, each time Mag receives damage, a Force Field stack will be consumed and this damage will be ignored. (You can stack up to)
  2. Each enemy that is affected by one of the abilities of mag will have x% to drop an orb of energy when he dies.
  3. Bullet jump creates a magnetic shield that protects you from projectiles.
  4. Mag increases the team's vacuum effect.

I hope it helps, Mag deserves a new passive.

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4 minutes ago, (PS4)Pauloluisx said:

Useless? If you use sentinels it was always useless. And even then you don't really have to use fetch, making it pseudo-useful as it is now. That said, I do agree her passive needs a change. It was always one of the worst ones imho, vacufetch or not.

I can find utility on Ammo Drum if i want, anything in this game have some little 0,1% of utility, but Mag's passive now is ignorable, and let's face it, everybody uses Vacuum in the builds, it's a mandatory mod, no one's going to take Vacuum and say "I'm going to use Mag's passive".

When Fetch launches it will be as if Mag had no more passive.

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I would argue that mag's passive makes using the mod NOT required so that you could put something else in its place. Seems pretty useful to me. 

Though if you choose to use the 'mandatory' mod even though it is redundant with mag's passive that's your problem. 

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