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Creditbooster - Index not affected ?.


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Got myself a Creditbooster to make some more money and ran a few Index highrisk.. but after 2 runs, i still only got 250k credits.  Other players reported the same in the regionchat and it seems people were .. "surprised".  So i'm wondering, is the creditboosters suppose to affect the Index-rewards or not ?.

Would be great to learn of this.


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Oh ... it is affected. If it did not, well, this would have taken me twice as long:

47 minutes ago, TheCoolcg10 said:

In my experience it does. Make sure you checked your total credit amount, not the amount earned in the mission. With a booster, I get 500k credits per index run.

A run refers to the mission instance. Each wave with a booster rewards you with 500,000 Credits only in High Index.

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Credit boosters work on index reward.

A quick search on google/wiki would had answered your question quickly.

During the last double credit weekend i bought a three day credit booster allowing me to earn four times the reward at almost a million credits per high index run.

Then I proceed to run it 50 times.

Now i never need to care about credits again.



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