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Excalibur Change


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I think Excalibur radial javelin needs a rework as it can't synergize well with melee weapons as his 1st and 2nd ability can. I think it should have a similar function to exodia contagion. The function would be like showing a silhouette of the melee weapon you have equipped and have a 3m aoe damage. Also, it should have its own base damage like what it has right now (1,000 base damage) or have a multiplier for the melee weapon you have equipped like the exodia contagion. This ability can scale with melee mods and maybe combo counter. Also it have a chance to proc radiation status. It should keep its regular function of being able to summon 12 javelins to hit 12 enemies. Lastly, it can work with exalted blade.

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On 2018-11-07 at 9:03 PM, Soulcharger said:

Maybe just make it benefit from combo counter.


6 hours ago, (XB1)SirMilkfiend said:

It's a javelin. Apply a puncture proc and it's more than useful.

These two, in combination, are probably the best improvement to the ability as it currently is. Gives it a way to improve damage through Excalibur's natural gameplay, while also providing another function for when damage just isn't enough anymore.

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