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Why Sentinel weapons and our weapons can't share mods


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Please change / correct your title so it starts with "Why can't ..." kthx.

And yes, 100% agreed, needing a set of duplicate Mods is bad
(plus it's a pain during, for example, modding your Secondary, to figure out which of these two Scorch Mods
is used on your Prisma Burst Laser which you don't currently have equipped / is on another config that doesn't use Scorch).

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The only likely change I see is Sentinel weapons getting their own mods. Exalted weapons aren't able to be used at the same time as your normal weapons. Khroa was likely just to placate the vocal minority preemptively. Ugh, I have to get more of these TRASH mods for this stupid cat

Be careful asking DE to take a harder look at Sentinel weapons. What actually helps their vision of the game and the overall health of the game may not be to your liking.

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