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How to improve video performance


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Hey,I like to play warframe in same way i like to fish,it is more about the beer and friends than fish so I really need to play something interesting on my second monitor,mostly movies or anime.
But with fortuna I got this issue that video will skip many frames when played in browser.

I tried to set priority of chrome to maximum and warframe to minimum,it did not solve the issueor help at all,alt tabing does solve the issue (i use windowed fullscreen all time)
In ship or dojo i have not this issue,because those locations are better optimized and less resource heavy.
I m happy to sacrifice about 30 fps ingame to get smooth video on my second screen,atm it is 60/60fps ingame and 0-2 fps video.

Human eye can not see above 21 fps so i will be happy to play at like 30fps

Thank you for help

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