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Fortuna a almost great open world


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now this title is probably going to piss a great many people off, but lets be honest. alot of people have their honeymoon glasses on, and couldn't see the woods for the trees atm.

OK so, so far Fortuna is pretty decent, long way to go before it hits great thou. (as much as that will pain some of you to hear this, its not as great as everyone wants to believe but it could be).

First up, Alert Levels.... trying to get the alert level Raised is pretty average at best, also Incredibly easy to lose alert level.
you can kill 30 mobs and not one will drop a beacon. SPEAKING of the beacons. 1, Way to easy to kill, 2 a simple explosions from 20 meters away nukes them, would like to see them Unaffected by Warframe Abilities. unlike the Arbitration Drones, it be a welcome to have the beacons to be unaffected by warframe abilities. 
these Beacons should be ALOT harder to kill. the bloody infeasted (Drop) pods are FAR harder to kill than these things. so would much like to see these get more tanky. more HP, and also not get popped because my mag bubble exploded 50 meters away from it *waves good by to max alert level that he spent 10 minutes trying to get*
        also entering a base you should already be on alert level 1. there are people guarding the place! how is a warframe dropping in NOT something that they should be saying "BOB!! RAISE THE ALARM!, RHINO JUST PUT HIS *gun shots!.. things happen* UP MY ARRRRRRRGH!", seriously like GTA, running into military base you get instant wanted level, Running into a Base should do the same, depending on each base, but the 3 Big one's with the big Australian inspired spiders of doom should have a high alert level and more jackels! less Vauban bouce mine moa's (like seriously i spent 15 seconds trying to land! but no, those twats kept bouncing me about, more annoying that challenging!). and the wanted\alert level should never drop below 1 in these bases. THEY are the important bases to the Corpus, they should be just like "ah yeah nah, lets not bother taking it back..." it should be an assault, a constant battle to be there.

thou speaking of the Jackels! I LOVE that shield they drop, very very impressed, thats the stuff i wanna see DE, not invunrabilities, Technical and tactical fights! THATS FUN!, invulnerability hit the weak point every mini boss is not!
Also big ass green  spider I do love the 3 HP bar mechanic, the teleport is awesome! (brings me back to Mass effect days of fighting some of those mobs and bosses!), BUT i think it needs a little tweaking, the Regen is ok, but it should be able to regen and not be killed (it should have a few seconds of invulnerability Whilst regening.)
BUT, the spiders need to not be able to follow and attack invis targets. 

NOTE!!: for all those whom hate this idea consult point 4 before you get your slippers all wet.

2nd up. Mobs... a bit few and Far between. would like to see more mobs wandering about (no those spider bastards that pop up...drop down do not count).
would like to see more units about. not millions everywhere, but on the Roads, they should have patrols a bit more regularly.
also Coil Drives... need more HP, way to easy to kill, they are on par with half the other mobs, makes no sense to be able to kill a transport vehicle as easy as a butcher!, give them a big Shield, bit more HP and little more Armour!. its fun to blow them up, but they are also very non threatening and a joke. 
also travelling in pairs would make sense

3rd Missions\bounties
Remote bounties are WAY to easy. no real threat in them, they are all 5-15lvl, there should be more range of difficulty.
but not only range of difficulty but set missions types like pure Excavations, Survivals\king of the hill (go to a base, survive for as long as you can, leaving zone means you leave the mission and can no enter again.)
defence, spy's and Interceptions would be really fun to be able to do in the open world with new mobs to face.
also keep adding different bounty rewards please (Rubido is NOT a reward.... that is a rock.... a rock that is found in ever trash can you kick thru out the solar system! replace that with plastids....kubro hair..... Kavat barf... anything but Rubido please!) 

4th Difficulty. or lack off now!
as some people might know by now, Fortuna mobs got hit with the mighty Nerf hammer because some slipper wearing flowers found it too difficult. now fine you want it to be less difficult, thats fine, just don't make everyone else who likes a challenge Suffer for your sake (and yes vise versa).
SO how about this. as you enter the elevator, you select your difficulty. 
5-15, 15-25, 25-35, 35-45 and 45 + 
i Loved the difficulty, it was fun, i know alot of people would like a harder difficulty. some other who want fluffy clouds rainbows and 1shot kills with their rivened rubico against the level 5 mob and marvel at the 500k dmg they just done. (yes still not happy about the nerf, but this is a solution)
this would mean more people can play at their levels. the setting are already in-place because of the missions are capable of using these settings. 
also this would correlate with point Number 1. an i still maintain those bases should always be alerted!.

5th.... kitguns.
some people Love projectile based weapons. others love hitscan.
the Catchmoon is a Awesome chamber. 
the tombfinger is really good, rattleguts is let down by its hitscan nature for me but others would love it.
the gaze chamber part is really a good part.

would love to see a Launcher.
burst shot. 
arrow based
bolt based (like the bolto series) 
and a flamethrower part thou that can be spec-ed into a element of choice (i want a freeze ray!) 
needs more variation on the grip as well.

few more choices, more than just status, crit, ammo and marginal damage stats even after guiding between the grips.
Crit damage, noise, punch thru, elemental.
give a full flexibility range.

the biggest problem with the zaw's was they ended up with a kinda cookie cutter build.
being able to have a larger range means less cookie cutting and more exploration. 

hell id love to even see a kit gun (after guild and modding) that caps at like 25% status and crit, but boosts alot of Raw damage.
this is something DE could really Stretch their legs on. allow use to make a gun that suits our playstyle, they could still make their own guns and this wouldn't take away from it because they can stat them and rivens really kick in there. passives on their weapons with Alt fires an what not.

but as kitguns go, they could allow for a larger range of kit guns, with Variants of Both projectile and hitscan, (i would Love a projectile based Roggas, if only i could build them XD )

small note:.... im going to put this right here.... because i dare say some slipper wearing twatstick isn't going to read this and probably have a cry at me.. I really do like Fortuna... its been pretty much all i have played since its release. BUT that being said, just needs a few things here and there... and continue to have content added and it could be truly a great place... mostly more rewards (that change an rotate please) and missions. even some normal missions being available would be awesome as.
i have made alot of points, these are just ideas of expansion and improvement... 

6th pets\moa's and wild animals
ok firstly. i love my Attack raptor Chicken moa. as the corpus would say "He's a good boi ye" (pretty sure thats what they say. or some gibberish)
But we need more legs, and a few more parts, more head pieces. Also Sentinel weapons please! i wanna build my Moa a weapon! this could be something u buy from legs an get Rude to build and guild for you. tying the Solaris community together a bit more.
i would Love to see a Jackal\Hyena like Pet as well

as for wild animals... can we Purchase some of these and have a few for our Orbiters AND Dojo's, Who doesn't want a Virmink in the Dojo Spawn room... 

7th Mining
could use a bit more in the way of Nodes, specially in caves, i have gone thru entire caves with only 2 spawns in each.... 15...bloody...caves...in a row! 2 in each. not fun not cool. yeah i know RNGesus is to somewhat blame here. but we could use a little bump on the nodes.  other wise love the new mining!
also can the mining Vendor also transmute some Gems in to Statutes and stuff please! more decorations would be awesome, specially if i can throw 50 thyst (or what ever they are... the red ones) together and make a shinny gem statue of a Virmink or Pobber (different gems different colours, statues of animals or what not) 
fishing is spot on... not going to bother mentioning it further 

8th k-drive.
ok so these are a bit of a let down. slightly move your mouse and ur grinding streak ends.
the fact that they turn at boost speed with A and D is S#&$! completely freaken S#&$ and STUPID... BAD DE!!! BAD!.
A and D are Strafe... not turn left or right, thats what mouse is for. so Strafe at boost speed please!.... also less sensitive to coming unstuck when we look slightly to the left.
further more fix the Stupid thing with it "awarding" points for a trick then Instantly takes away the reward because u landed on the ground, or past a rock... or rode over a rock. fix K-Drive. better sticking to rails. that would make a world of difference, other wise they are fun an fine, just those few things are enough to make me wanna pick it up an beat a pobber with the board.

Yes POE... it needs the same treatment.... have you seen POE DE?? since fortuna. konzu has been on a Early yet Extended lunch because no one is there because its been left untouched. add more to POE. more missions (excavation and survival\king of the hill), More new Blade and things to build from Hok. More animals to Hunt. more awesome field bosses like the Jackal and the big green australian laser spider... again those guys are freaken awesome... more of that S#&$ DE, like all of it more!.
give POE a tune up to this level..... also remove the damn Lock on the POE caves.... stop locking them! the missions that use them happen ONLY when plague star is here.... das stupid.... thats Literal Locked Content behind a closed door! i don't like that. i want to use the whole map. 

10th... bounce about mobs
again... #*!% off with this. u can spend a full minute being knocked down\bounced\pulled back, or up, left right middle... what ever. this is not fun, seeing, spiders, jackals, eximus, moa's and $&*^head with the ice-picks all do this it is not fun. 1 or 2 mobs doing it is fine. but #*!% OFF with having 15 mobs that can knock you down constantly, NO DE THIS IS NOT MAKING IT MORE DIFFICULT THIS IS ANNOYING!...  stop it! this isn't the Vauban Prime hydrone days, i dont want to be walking over fortuna on bounce pads. 

alrighty thank you for reading this God awful giant crap i took on your time
if you made it this far... sorry about my Lack of grammatical correctness.... i build things out of metal and computers... i not english great.
thank you and leave a comment, if you like it lets see if DE will take note and add some changes...
also if anyone from DE is reading this.... I KNOW YOU HAVE MY ATLAS REWORK! git on it!


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7 hours ago, ArkThanatos said:

10th... bounce about mobs
again... #*!% off with this. u can spend a full minute being knocked down\bounced\pulled back, or up, left right middle... what ever. this is not fun, seeing, spiders, jackals, eximus, moa's and $&*^head with the ice-picks all do this it is not fun. 1 or 2 mobs doing it is fine. but #*!% OFF with having 15 mobs that can knock you down constantly, NO DE THIS IS NOT MAKING IT MORE DIFFICULT THIS IS ANNOYING!...  stop it! this isn't the Vauban Prime hydrone days, i dont want to be walking over fortuna on bounce pads. 

i just want to use operator not stairway to heaven bounce pad sticking and constant bouncing on my kiddo and killing it when i was airborne

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12 minutes ago, LuckyCharm said:

Just gonna point this out... its not an open world. I find myself constantly at the edges of it since the roads all seem to lead towards there. Also there's a 100% reduction in sidequests from any other "open world" . Also less landmarks and wildlife

.... really... thats the one thing you took away from all of that. a technicality 

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You've made some good points here, but they are almost buried by your tone and attempt to counter disapproving voices

10 hours ago, ArkThanatos said:

because i dare say some slipper wearing twatstick isn't going to read this and probably have a cry at me..


PS: There are three new Sentinel Weapons in Legs' inventory, available once you hit max rank and they sound neat.

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Well its true.. its just another mission to me. All of your arguments are valid.. but it really doesnt feel like i'll have any reason to go back there once everythings capped out. Same as the plains. Even the map comes fully explored other than some cave locations. 

When they said it was gonna be a whole lot bigger than the plains I was excited, and I hoped that we'd get some varied terrain like some snowfields, glaciers, frozen lakes etc. And some really fluffy animals roaming them. Add to that they teased a car or two early on in the development reb was driving around I hoped we could jack corpus cars as transport.  

For an update that took a year to come out... if im not gonna go back after a matter of a few weeks because the place feels lifeless then well.. all those issues you mentioned feel like they'd be problems only so long as it took to get what we need from there and leave it

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don't think of it as disapproving tbh, i do really like fortuna. just a few things that could be adjusted.
the only thing i disapprove of is no difficulty setting and the people whom only like fighting level 5-15 stuff, thats no really fun. apart from that its more casually toned


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