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  1. Is it intentional that Auto-Breach and/or Perspicacity meant to not work on the same console again?
  2. Uhhh why is nidus prime not having any prime details left aside from the right arm now when using with tennogen skin + prime details? i liked the moss look and now the place where the part supposed to open up/mutate just looks like scraped off and left agape. not a single mutation effect left from neck below, what the hell.
  3. Can Merulina also have the board slam mechanic (tap + hold grind on default)? considering said move came with the update alongside Yareli but doesn't even work on the so called original inspiration of K-drive that is Merulina
  4. Imagine having tennocon digital pack and not being able to even log into the game let alone enter the tennocon relay. Can't be me.... Oh wait-
  5. Guess no armor set for me today
  6. Lemme guess status dealt by companion no longer benefits your normal weapons next cuz having viral proccing companion removes the need to mod viral on your own weapons.
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