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  1. Why is CO keep getting nerfed over and over? Why make this mod same stat to pressure point to begin with? I really fail to see the reasoning behind this. I feel like DE never tried to ask the whole community how they felt about the existing system back before melee 3.0 stuff ever happened. Sure back then CO on top of Crit build were absolute beast, but going Hybrid sacrifices some multipliers in the modding where you can put more when going pure status or pure crit and on its own it balances each setup out better than it is rn. For example: Having to use weaker element mods with statu
  2. Miss me the time when Condition Overload can offer a whole status build gaming unlike now that is being a replacement to pressure point and only an addition to hybrid build, and now further nerfed to the ground. What was it about DE wanting the player to have broader choice of equipment setup? I think they forgot about their own policy when changing CO. CO used to be able to let u mess around with pure Status build even without crits.
  3. To be honest i feel like they kept the releasing 2nd day before weekend so they can fix fatal flaws by the next day and collect feedbacks by weekend and launch many fixes at once in the following week days for non fatal ones. Giving time window to gather multiple issues to fix instead of just fixing bits by bits.
  4. I personally would go dispenser + energize but just in case it wont work that easy way
  5. probably the most drawback is if you're not using Flow mod in your frame and the battle avionics u run are those high costed ones like void hole, else u can forge your energy back in exchange for the railjack energy removal
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