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  1. inb4 Reb is adding jojo styled hairs first
  2. Can we have streamlined control for archwing? Because the controls in sharkwing mode, spacewing, and /plains/vallis archwing all feel so different. Experimental Flight were done nicely for open world but in space, when you use Afterburn boost, tapping sideways key make you side-dodge instead of rotating camera. And to rotate camera in spacewing requires u to spin camera movement (like with mouse on usual pc control) to re-orient your view. If that is not happening, can we have an option to change the degree of experimental flight? I would like the old control on space wing as it is right now with disabled experimental flight, but i also want the plains/vallis version of afterburn boost where it goes 360 but sideways key rotates the camera instead of doing a side-dodge, this would benefit chasing down space unit such as Pursuit - Archwing Mission (honestly i like this mode as quick space chase and def). But here's hoping the controls coming with Empyrean update will be more comfortable to use Also can we have Fluctus projectiles fires the proper way you facing? cuz despite the Experimental Flight fluctus projectiles still bound to the old control with no 360 orientation x) EDIT: In Tennocon 2018 you shown that the Railjack descends into the Vallis (this is the best part on tennolive 2018 for me), will this feature stay as is and will be implemented later? Perhaps we can use this as in-field extraction? Because with Orb Vallis it has much more distance to cover just to go back to the Fortuna elevator, so how about calling down Landing Craft or better, the Railjack, to a certain point within like 100m radius from the caller and let us have a little exterminate / defense within the area to ensure our ship cephalons able to descend safely for us to board away.
  3. Ember 1st ability already have a charge mechanic, how about adding this radial wave effect to her charged 1st skill instead of changing it purely into a wave? So the explosion becomes the epicenter of the radial wave
  4. Still no fix for Lua Defense mission having enemies spawn at the top most area despite its already being wave beyond 15 after host migration
  5. Regional Price are broken on the prime vault page ( https://www.warframe.com/prime-vault ) on the main site (showing USD amount but labeled as the regional price currency) and paid prices are just converted currency instead of proper regional price like prime access.
  6. Aura effects are only applying in mission. Try checking in captura/simulacrum.
  7. No fix for shield lancer extraordinarily trashing itself upon the entire room when ragdolled by some explosion?
  8. With the main 6 syndicates has its own daily mission or missions that gives standing outside of Daily Standing, also Syndicate Medallions, would it be possible to interact some daily request for open worlds citizen requests that grants Ostron / Solaris United standing points outside fo daily standing? Similar to Simaris Daily Synthesis (Visit NPC to grab task -> complete task -> speak to NPC to collet reward). But the task can be anything, from doing a simple bounty task in respective open world to doing something else on other missions like spies on earth or venus to retrieve intel for the requesting NPC (like Eudico or Konzu asking you to grab intel from normal spy vaults to retrieve information of their people).
  9. Can we have an option to disable shortcut keys interaction with any menus when Chat Window is open? I was just about to tell the squad about [Magus Repair] but hitting Enter twice on the auto complete + sending the chat made me confirm to leave squad instead since i just died on arbitration in minute 34+ and the only option is to leave squad.
  10. How ironic that Magus Repair itself is not Repaired,
  11. Magus Repair does not work as client. Also posterior prime update when.
  12. if its a prime accessories i wish it'd at least usable on normal mesa too so its not really locked to mesa prime only, unlike most prime accessories that is usable on almost everything
  13. any news on vallis spelunker bug? got all 30 caves on first few hours of lurking in Orb vallis but the last cave i found doesnt give the progress.
  14. switching to scanner, aim down sight, and switch back to weapon often fixes this issue for me, happens to any kind of weapons i use.
  15. I'm against the ability to kick people from squad but these kinds of people really irks me a lot too, reasons why i never do bounties on public back in Plains is thanks to this people, that is until DE implemented leave squad. It sometimes goes really bad that MR10+ people is leeching off bounty from players with lower mastery than them, like, what the #*!%.
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