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  1. Damn, i can agree to this in many level. This is probably why i feel like Deimos bounties are heavily lackluster, almost all bounties involves defense task (protecting garv and co, protecting latrox une, protecting objects; excavator, purifier, bait station for iso vault, and that infested bait thingy to spawn rex units). We could've got a similar to plains commander assassination bounty spawn mechanic for the rex unit assasination and write it as 'you have to kill the rex unit's pack members to infuriate their leader of the pack' instead of another waiting game mechanic imo. Plains got
  2. Same case also occurs if you're Subsuming Octavia's Resonator and infusing it to another frame
  3. How about making it properly drop for everyone, only lowered drop rates, cuz Isolation vault really takes ages and you all still think over grind is a good player-sustaining content.
  4. the initial orb pickup isnt changed, but u will see the energy bar having extra bit of energy regen where the bonus energy from said skill is given . Else, check your focus skill and make sure the focus skill in the tree is highlighted in red
  5. Nah, at some point they synergizes to dilute the problem even further
  6. And oof, it's already baby-fied to cater to newbs. Like bruh MR8 can be obtained in less than 2 weeks (of logged in days, not real hours) how is it even considered experienced? Maybe you should consider having additional or alternative gating like the player having 100-200 mission hours at least to access it? so old players who didnt rank up much can still catch up quick without the need to lower the MR requirement? Because, sure, MR8 was considered high rank, like 6 or 7 years ago. Wake up DE this is no longer 2013-2014 era. "We do not intend to let newer players unlock this system. We i
  7. uhhhh Armor capped what? Defy has always been capped to +1500 at most though???? Who even has the concern for Defy being overwhelming? it's already underwhelming enough from what it was and it just had to be made not worth even further for subsuming? Does DE staffs (all, not just the few who plays on stream) even tried playing Steel Path missions without multiple band-aids such as invisibility, arcanes and mods on low armored frames? Defy isn't even comparable to those.
  8. The hydroid relay design was originally introduced in tennocon relay last year, but when it ended last year the interior is used for larunda relay (pc), guess they didnt have the time to design new interior since they're working with the in-game presentation.
  9. *wheezes in various high dispo melee rivens empowering the hell out of whipclaw and landslide* Edit: What i try to deliver here is that Atlas and Khora was never fixed to Xoris as long as u have other high damage + elem rivens (or crit for Khora), Gara as well. Those 3 has never reached the Xoris-only tier of stat stick. Perhaps instead of selling the Deadlock quest to newer player why not raise the Xoris MR lock higher to ACTUALLY REFLECT its great performance just like how DE's planned MR locks scaling that also serves as tier list (0-3, 4-6, 7-9, 10-12, 13-15). Xoris only offered more op
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