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  1. And there is no real bonus aside from additional unused mod capacity unlike Paracesis that grows on the extra damage to sentient beyond rank 30 and upon reaching rank 40 it gain the ability to reset sentient adaptation.
  2. Aww and here i planned on getting lowest toxin bonus ogris to transfer and override my current elec bonus for low viral setup
  3. Speaking of Abilities, how about making the ability screen adapt something akin to Railjack 's Player Intrinsic screen? those fancy Cards with perks, specs, and stats on the other side. You don't necessarily need to show everything at once, but players can choose to display all abilities performance and modding effects without extra amount of hovering and only few clicks away, that way checking the tons of available tips can be done while taking note of the ability performance as well.
  4. You know, you're designing a UI, not an artistry piece. it should lean towards to the various needs of User as the letter U in UI stands for, and not just shiny design heavy. Back when Chat Tabs were straightforward texts people can easily figure out what the channel they entered was supposed to be. Squad, Council, Alliance, Clan, Region, Recruiting, Trading. Pretty obvious right? but once everything turned into only icons people easily post the wrong kind of chat into the wrong channel, and results in getting chat deleted by the bot or a kick, or if you're unlucky enough, a channel or whole in-game chat suspension for saying things that were meant for in private channels. The thing i do like since the last UI changes are the tabs on popups, it does balance out screen space usage to fit informations from basic to niche ones like the frame ability tips. But it's getting overused as informations that were normally sought for when clicking on thing getting unnecessarily hidden as well. Like for god sake i click on weapons in codex or market yet i still need to hover on some button to see stats? Don't you want people to spend their plats on these? But why hide the stats that can persuade them? The older market UI only has confusing tabs as, similar issue with the chats, they were just icons until u click on the tabs, but for the most part the older market UI has sufficient information without overwhelming the whole screen. If your new design results in user doing more action to get the same info prior to the UI changes, Wouldn't it be a step back?
  5. THIS. The last UI changes on codex and market only makes it worse as they were meant to be sufficiently informative, clearly for the sake of advertising as well, AND YET THEY DECIDED TO HIDE THE STATS FOR THE SAKE OF CLEAN UI. It has been an occasional yet common occurence that newbies are all threatened back by purchase buttons on equipment links in chat thinking that everything is p2w, even though there are popups that can only be seen if they hover their cursor into those totally innocent looking buttons. They dared to make ui customization a selling point (in case u never checked the ui customization, most color and themes costs plat), yet barely listens to what people actually needs in the UI, its User Interface damn it, not a canvas.
  6. While clean UI is great to look at, too clean often have too few things to look. I notice the change on market UI throughout the years until the most recent results in too much things being hidden. Like i'm looking on a weapon. Obviously i also want to see the stat. Older active player may realize that they gotta hover cursor on to some objects to see pop-ups. But to newer player or returning player that doesn't get the chance to adapt with UI changes may be dumbfounded by how low informations offered by the market / item preview popup. Current item display on market feels weird as well. So i pulled some ideas on how it can still be informative but does not necessarily being overwhelming: That aside, with the upcoming separated Riven Dispo per weapon (while the mod usability still stays per weapon family). It would be nice if we can toggle the riven mod to see the disposition change when applied on each weapon variant we've leveled/mastered. This would be a good follow up once riven dispo applies per weapon and riven owner can't really check the dispo change if they dont have the equipment variant themselves.
  7. How about making the health recovery pending from minor breaches until the catastrophic failure issue fixed, and instead of instant regen give it as regen rate within like 1-2 seconds Great, but do you remember Vauban Prime access' Citadella Prime Syandana? It's also missing the channel fx
  8. Targis Prime and Citadella Prime losign their Channeling FX though, can confirm Acanthus P shoulder, atavist p shoulder, edo prime shoulder and leg channeling effects still working
  9. I think instead of starting to explode everything as it changes 100% according to usage rate, it should start tweaking slowly or to balance like: Tigris family, Tigris has always wide usage among people for destroying a single unit in the face, each variant depending on your progression. The entire family (Tigris / Sancti / Prime) contributes in lowering the disposition, so applying ONLY each of the variants usage for their own disposition would really help to reflect on more accurate disposition the TIgris riven worth. Hek family, Normal Hek is wide known MR4 must have weapon, but Vaykor Hek itself is not really a wide spread used weapon like the non-variant counterpart. I'm hoping it would reflect better with the changes this workshop brings. NIkana family, Nikana right now is quite below mediocre in lategame but its dispo dragged down by Nikana Prime, buff the dispo on Nikana so that it can match the performance of the riven on Nikana Prime (not that it would since Blood Rush no longer scales with modded CC). Gram family, obviously Gram itself is as good as forgotten once the Prime released, apply the usual dispo change onto the Gram Prime dispo, but keep Gram's as is until further changes. Zaws, while they dont have specific family classification, single handed grip and two handed grip zaws performs differently as they are different weapon type per strike, so separate dispo changes might be able to apply for 2 different grip types for the same strike. ...et cetera. TL;DR: My point is start the changes by ensuring the less used weapon in the family to get higher dispo in the first incoming dispo changes after this weapon's personal-instead-of-family's dispo applies, while accordingly avoid nerfing the dispo of existing variant except obvious broken ones like Gram 5/5 circles dispo on Prime.
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