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Problems with Orb Vallis map


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1. The full map of Orb Vallis that is displayed after holding M for a few seconds is cut-off on the top and on the bottom. There are a few caves I can't see on my map, and, comparing with the maps I find online, it shouldn't be like that.

My resolution is 2560 x 1440 (borderless fullscreen). There doesn't seem to be a way to move it to see cut-off areas.


2. Occasionally when underground in the caves, the corpus facilities or even the elevator to Fortuna, when pressing M, besides the map of the location there's some other map or texture that occupies the whole screen. Here's an example:


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The bounties beacon is totally amateurish at least on plains it stays up so you can see where the next  target is, on Vallis it lasts a few seconds and after you have been searching in a building for caches which takes you 5 mins to get out, because the map was designed by a small child (actually thats offensive to small children more like an amoeba) you've lost the point on the map.

Its a shame that you spent all the time to make a great open world then let some idiot  do the map and way points. Along with teralyst bugs that disappear even when there is 5 charged lures next to it, it's a fast way to send me back to games that have actually spent time thinking about the game. I think this was spat out without proper Q/A and all it does is destroy my most precious resource TIME. Sort it out or I will be gone.

Here's bullet points in case the people designing Vallis need it made clear and judging by the design they really do:

Your map system on Plains and Vallis needs a rethink in short it's crap (actually its worse but swear filter etc)

Set clear way points and keep them up until bounty part is finished

Make it simpler for people to leave the buildings on Vallis as pretty as it is after 5 mins of running about I'm about ready to play another game DONT waste your customer's time showing off some pretty ordinary Half life type GFX. 

Fix Teralyst bugs, people don't want to spend 30 mins to get to final part and fail cos you cant programme properly :).

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