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Do you mean to tell me.......


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I'll start over..... Do you mean to tell me..... That I have to get a drop called a "Riven Transmuter"..  to combine FOUR rivens that I do not want.. into ONE riven that I more than likely Do not want?  I love warframe, However this concept does not work for me at this moment. Thank you 

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Eh personally the transmuters are too much of a bother for me to bother with. I just melt unwanted Rivens into Endo. Cause pricing/trading Rivens is also horrible. I've also taken to just giving them to my friend**.

I seriously don't understand why they even need to be a thing. What with the fact that you

  1. already need to RNG into FOUR Rivens
  2. Unveil all those rivens, maybe you can transmute unveiled rivens? but why tho?
  3. Complete the new Riven challenge and pray to RNG that it's better than the 4 your sacrificed

Needing to grind out a transmutor just seems like a needless extra step that only exists to force people who don't really enjoy the Eidolons to do the Tridolons. Other than that there are already enough layers of RNG appended to Rivens and I'm not even counting Kuva/Rerolls that additional hurdles are needless. 


**They've also gotten me out of having to run a second round of sorties because I literally couldn't, tho that's it's own annoying kettle of fish that needs dealing with. 

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