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Mesa Prime Chaps


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Can we please get an option to disable the bottom part of mesa primes chaps. They don't look that great, get in they way and flap around annoyingly. The rest of the skin is really good and I would actually like to be able to see it.

Also why are prime regulators a straight downgrade? 

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1 hour ago, ZuroTheEvil said:

I don't want to contain her thiccness 👀



1. Chaps go on the front not the side.  And are used when riding a horse through brush so the brush doesn't shred your legs, also can stop snake bites among other things. 

2. If you look at her over all design you can see it's part of her duster coat she has on. 

3. IMO It does have a chaps feel, but it also has a duster coat feel. So I'm fine with it.

4. Put Tennogen on? And there ya go? 

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