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New Helminth Strain Mods = Impossible to get?


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Ok, since the release i did about 30 of those Phase 1 missions.

Half of them bugged out... (fishing stopped most of them, but also limbos bugged the kills at 3/3 by pullung the spawns into their rift)
But the most annoying part is the intro.... HOW MANY TIMES do i have to hear them explaining the mission again? Over and over and over....why cant i skip that?

Oh, and since the new hotfix all i got was the grav things... how many years will it take to get the whole set? Why cant i just buy stuff for standing? WHY does it have to be random rewards?


Edit: I wrote this while the missionbriefing was playing. Started the mission... BUGGED AGAIN 2/3 manifests....srsly WHAT THE HELL? 50% of the times the quest is broken...

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