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Warframe Avatar You've Seen Used The Most In This Forum.


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Id actually consider Excalibur Prime to be the rarest

Then frost prime 2nd

then vauban

Oh yeah, I frogot Excalibur Prime, but you can also argue that you can still get Excal Prime if you get Founders (Unless I am insane or it was a CBT reward.)


Vauban seems pretty common to me because some people really adore him despite everything.

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lets all go to a topic that has three hundred replies. then count which one is most used


Not a bad idea. Or we could start a thread where we could have a warframe thread "war" where, for fun, each user posts only once (if more than once, don't recount it) and see how the warframes rank.


If I were to say the rarest though excluding the primes, it would have to be Mag, in my experience.

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