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Taiko Drums: Band Practice


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Contest Announcement




Get ready for a jam session Tenno!

New Taiko Drums have been put in the Dojo, and we want to hear your best creations.


A video contest will start September 27th 2013, so get practicing!



  • Video cannot exceed 20 seconds
  • Music must be made by the Taiko Drums only
  • Only videos will be accepted (no music clips/files)
  • Up to 8 Tenno can be “in the band”
  • One submission per person
  • All songs must be in 1 take (no mash ups or compilations)

A separate thread will be opened September 27th 2013 for submissions (do not post them in this thread!)


Let’s get creative Tenno

Prizes TBA.

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The problem with collaborative efforts is that the timing taking networking into account is horrid. You can't make many rhythms solo since tapping any more than twice within a second makes it lock up periodically.


y not take your time then and then speed the vid up until it fits within the 20 seconds :)

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