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Alad V Boss Fight Needs Better "Tells" (and a rework)


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Jupiter got a rework, but Alad V's fight is still as absolutely horrendous as ever, in fact even WORSE now because in the new arena there seems to be an infinite spawning stream of 50+ enemies at any given time. I ran the Sortie today, with 3rd tier being to kill Alad and Zanuka, but holy cronclave that was HORRIBLE.

It turns out, despite having played this game for several years at this point, I apparently still didn't know how the fight was supposed to be done, because it is never explained anywhere.
I always just downed Alad and attacked Zanuka while it was running to him until eventually they died. TURNS OUT the actual method is to lower Alad's shields to 0, which in turn disables Zanuka's low-looking-but-impenetrable shields, but without downing Alad since then they'll both get their shields back. The only "explanation" this gets is that when Alad's shields are downed, he does a "choking" sound and animation... Which I always figured was just a random thing Alad does because he sounds like he has an Atterax lodged in his throat 24/7.

SO... We need some Lotus lines, or Alad lines, or SOMETHING to explain this incredibly contrived bossfight mechanic. Something like:
Lotus: "Zanuka's shields regenerate too fast to be penetrated, but are linked to Alad V's. Focus on his shields to make them both vulnerable."

Additionally, the fight is annoying as heck for the following reasons:
-Alad uses his "blind" FAR too often, and not only is it headache-inducing, it also affects you no matter what direction you're facing, whether you're behind solid objects, etc. He can seemingly even use it when downed.
-If you use any weapon that can bypass shields (since again, the mechanic is so poorly not explained), the fight becomes 10x harder since you end up downing Alad instead of lowering his shields. Also Shield Ospreys make the situation all the more confusing, and loads spawn everywhere.
-I don't know if it's Zanuka or Alad that can "push" you, but it constantly knocks you off the side of the arena, causing a respawn and losing any buffs. This also frequently happens just as you're lining up a shot. Same with the blind. Or Shockwave MOAs that spawn by the dozen.
-Impossible or at least VERY difficult to use buff-based warframes due to Zanuka's auto-dispell.
-Zanuka has no map marker, so unless you think to manually mark it, finding it is a pain among the dozens of trash mobs everywhere.
-Said trash mobs deal boatloads of damage and don't stop spawning even if you turn off the alarms. The old fight usually only had a few enemies accompanying Alad and Zanuka, as is the case with other boss fights usually, even in Sorties.

Really, the fight just needs to be explained far better, and the "annoyances" nerfed somewhat.
Nothing makes me feel more like a space ninja then getting knocked all over the place, getting blinded and having no idea what's going on, and flailing around uselessly trying to figure out a stupidly poorly-explained puzzle boss.


Sincerely, someone who actually has a headache now thanks to several attempts at the level 100 sortie that was only solved with a Wiki Walk and a LOT of lifesteal and a LOT of repetetive button pressing and a LOT of falling off edges and honestly this bossfight is just terrible.

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Well, early bosses are supposed to be "you figure it out cause we're not telling you". Did anyone in-game (excluding players) tell you how to defeat the Jackal, Lt. Lech, or General Sargus Ruk.

However, I do agree with you on certain topics. Zanuka does need a map marker, and there are more proxies than I remember last time. Those items needs to be brought up. The rest seems fine to me. 

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48 minutes ago, SnowWarFr said:

Did anyone in-game (excluding players) tell you how to defeat the Jackal, Lt. Lech, or General Sargus Ruk.

No and while easy, IMHO Kril is still the worst boss fight in the whole of warframe from a mechanical standpoint. 

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Yeah, took a while for me and my brother to figure out how to down this boss fight.  I fully agree and support the fact that there needs to be more IN-GAME detailed explanations as to what is going on.  I don't want the answer to be given to me (Only shoot Alad V's shields to damage Zenuka), but cues from Lotus/Ordis as to what to do would go very far in making this and other boss fights more enjoyable.

Thankfully, Khora's second ability works on both of them, as well as all the hordes of adds, in order to lock them down and shoot them.  This boss fight at level 100 is truly insane.

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