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Summer 2019 Featured Dojo Contest [Winners Announced]!


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Clan name: The DragonHeart Empire

Clan tier; Moon

Clan platform: Xbox One

Your Clan role: Khan (Founding Warlord)

If Images don't work you can visit this link to a gallery I posted on imgur: https://imgur.com/gallery/fLc3pp0

Spawn Room:








Research Labs:


Energy Lab


Chem Lab


Tenno Lab



Bio Lab


Jade Garden:


Our submission for the Dojo Remaster Contest Late last year this area was the room where we had our ascension alter. We had moved the ascension alter to spawn room and since without it this room would be empty so recently I turned this room into a garden area in the Dojo. 







Storage Room:


Not many changes in this room except there's no ice on the roof area and only snow on the ground.


Soleto Cherry Blossom Garden:



Rally Center:






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Clan name: Meeting Stone
Clan tier: Mountain
Clan platform: Switch
Clan role: Assembler

Featured Image:

No photo description available.

Image may contain: textThe Featured image is of me (left) and 3 of my clan's leaders in front of the biggest project in our dojo. This dragon was designed by me after requesting permission from the council. It is gripping a giant Hobbled Dragon Key in its claw and wraps its tail under the front of the Observatory.

Image may contain: outdoorImage may contain: table, night and indoorThe next image is the mountain, our dojo's first real instelation. Made by the founder BKoopa, it hosts a pleasant campfire on the island floating above it, some Floofs to keep you company near it, and a hidden game room at the base (Ludoplex Included)

Image may contain: one or more people, people sitting and indoorThis room was built as a community space, with no specific direction given to those who decided to build here. The raised platform has a table with 4 chairs to represent the 4 leaders of our clan, below are communal dining tables, a counter to ease your troubles, and enough cleaning drones to handle any mess you make.

Image may contain: indoorThe spawn room of our dojo, the gathering hall was built primarily by myself. The central Gazebo gives you a clear view of the entire room, consisting of 4 statues, a Trading Post, and a Treasury. Both the Trading Post and Treasury have ornate signs built to better distinguish their functions from a distance. the 4 statues consist of 2 Orokin bassed warriors and 2 of Grineer and Corpus tec (built by 2 other players).

Image may contain: nightThis Japanese Obon Festival was my first creation in the dojo, and what really gave me confidence in my ability. The main festival tower is made from Grineer banners and garden arches, using bamboo in place of rope for the lights, and uses drums 1 and 2 in place of traditional tyco drums. Asside from that, the room also has 2 carnival game stands (one filled with Floof prizes), 2 food stands (both with tip jars and lucky "cats"), and an offering table with floofs as close to tradition as possible.

No photo description available.Branching off, there is a Japanese hot spring made by Avarenity and Furcula. with hot steam, basic wooden architecture, and rock formations, it is designed to evoke a natural and calm feeling for those inside.

Image may contain: indoorNo photo description available.Image may contain: plant and foodImage may contain: plant, table and outdoorNo photo description available.The entire 2nd floor is dedicated to people building freely, with the previous 3 creations being a result of that freedom. While I may not know as much about these creations it is a joy to see what people will create when given the room to do so.

Image may contain: indoorLastly, there are many little scenes like this one hidden around the dojo by our leader SpookyGhost. A part of her Easter Egg hunt competition, these little dioramas are a fun surprise to those that find them. 

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Clan name: RAGNARöK.
Clan tier: Storm Clan
Clan platform: PC
Clan role: Founding Warlord
Featured Images: 



The Courtyards

We start out with our ultimate summer experience, the Courtyards. Set up a picnic on the the grass below the waterfalls or grab a seat at the courtyards mini bar and enjoy the view of the stars as they light up the sky above. 


Main Stage

Welcome to Octavia's playground where the beats never end and the nightlife is real. Main stage is the place to be on those summer nights if your squad isn't there to help you with a Tridolon.


Space Garden
The Clan's first take on the Space Garden. This garden has 4 shrines running through it with many pathways leading you throughout it's various features. Perfect for meditating or taking a relaxing walk if the thought of the coming sentients becomes a tad overwhelming.


Trading Room:

An Orokin themed park adds a warm summer vibe to our dojo. (0% Clan tax by the way)


The Bar
Upset? Still dealing with mommy issues? Look no further. Our bartenders are trained in the art profiting from your woes. They will even offer free advice to cope after a certain amount of drink purchases.


The Ascension Hall
Endo Endo Endo!!


Private Garden

Need to get away from all the other NPCs? Just want some alone time without a cephalon throwing repetitive dialogues in your face? Rest here Tenno.


The Water Garden

No water slides... but if you need to cool down from the summer heat, then we got you!


The Gardens

We have various gardens of various themes. (More to come soon!)


The Secondary Hall

We gave this a darker theme to compliment the foggy path that runs down the middle.


Main Hall

This room was done when there was only Tenno decorations available many moons ago. We tried to keep it added some of the newer decorations over it but kept the majority of the room intact as reminder of how it all started.



Various hallways connecting all the vital rooms to each other. (For fans of walking instead of using the teleport)


The Dueling Room


  • "We were led astray. We forgot the Conclave, so when that new evil came, we were not prepared. This is how we failed the Orokin. You went into stasis, but not me. I searched the long path for redemption, for the kind of balance only The Conclave can create. Now I return, only to find the Tenno still herded like livestock. Horrors from beyond the Outer Terminus are coming. You must prepare. You must accept The Conclave. Let it be your teacher and I its humble guide. For true balance can only be found in the face of the ultimate enemy. Yourself."


More Gardens!

We keep using the natural approach because we believe that nothing can calm the mind and body more than nature itself. Our dojo is a place for Tenno to escape from all the conflict outside to just enjoy some peace and relaxation. 



Featured Video: 

I would like to personally thank my Clan for helping me with the photo shoot and also for all the donations that has been received from them. You guys are amazing!

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  • Clan name - Le Lys Blanc
  • Clan tier - Shadow Clan
  • Clan platform - PC
  • Your Clan role - Architect


PRESENTATION TOUR ( Presented by EdithSet0, clan member and second architect ) :






  • "Command Center" and "White Lily’s Prow" :
  • "Main Hall" :
  • "Hall of Trophies" :
  • "Hall of Scholars" and its "labs" :
  •  "Hall of the Seven" :
  • "Path of Balance" :
  • "Hydrolic System" :
  • "Reactors" and "Micro Worlds" :
  • "Botanical Garden" :
  • "Chambers of Duel" :
  • "Meditation Garden" :
  • "Lotus Shrine" and "Tennobaum Gifting Room" :
  • "Orokin Tech Central" :
  • "Battle Deck West and East" :
  • "Cloning Factory" and "Starseeker Launch Bay" :
  • "Bar O Kiteer" and "Exalted Feever" :


PS : Terribly sorry, I'm not use to this edition page, i don't know how to directly edit the content of each link directly on the page... sorry for the bother.

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Clan name - Senua Black

Clan tier - Storm

Clan platform - PC

Clan role - Founding Warlord


Featured image




Video Tour



Senua Black would like to thank our Dojo Wizards -> Xenellia & killerooknife for pouring countless hours into the creation of our amazing Dojo.  Thank you!!


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  • Clan Name: Echoes of the Void
  • Clan Tier: Mountain
  • Clan Platform: PS4
  • Clan Role: Council

Our Featured Image for the Event can be found right here:

Hello Tenno, glad to see so many clans from all platforms particpate in this event. This event may not be as special as others but we all decided to show off what we have accomplished to the other clans all over the world and to the devs. No one likes to read people just rambling and lets just get to showing off our work. I will start by showing off old builds that we have left untouched since the last time we submitted for the dojo contest and still adore to this day.

Main Hall images are found here, here, and here:

The Treasure Room and Its Protectors that we have has images that can be found here, here, here, and here:

Our lovely Forest of Trading images are found here and here:

Our serene Gardens images can be found here, here, here, here, here, here, and here:

The finished Campsite images are here and here:

The Monster that lurks in the bottom of the dojo images are here and here:

The Knave who keeps the monster at bay image is here:

The peaceful grotto that we still have yet to name images can be found here and here:

Our Space Lab that is under attack images can be found here, here, and here:

The lovely images of our finished Shenron from DragonBall and the Observatory he watches can be found here, here, here, and here:

The calm Space Wasteland images are here and here:

Now here is what we have had many players spend countless hours on since we last submitted.

The massive Mech Battle battle that we are still are adding to has images that can be found here and here:

The Savannah and our Futuristic T-Rex that wants to eat our members has images that can be found herehere, and here:

Since we loved the recent Dog Days event and for how badly our members want to wield Soaktrons into battle, we decided to build our Waterpark with Soakers in it. The images for this can be found here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here:

Our submission for this event is VERY last minute due to us wanting to get everything decoration finished for it and running into a few difficulties along the way but got it in just in time. On behalf of Echoes, we wish everyone the best of luck in this event.

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Greetings fellow Tenno!

I am proudly submitting our dojo this season in honor of all of the hard work that my son has put into it since last year.  When we first saw the competition in 2018, he really wanted to submit our dojo at the time but it wasn't really ready for a competition.  I did promise him though that if we worked on it that I would submit it the following year and he's been working on it since that time.  I have created a gallery page on our new private studio website to hold all of the images I took (because there are a lot) and will provide the link below.

Clan Name: Eldritch Katet
Clan Platform: PC
Clan Rank: Shadow
Clan Warlord: Khronoe (me)
Clan Architect: Lohkee (my son)
Gallery Link: https://nyghtowl-studio.com/ek-dojo



Best of luck to the rest of our fellow Tenno who have submitted their dojos as well!

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Clan name: Space Shark Incorporated

Clan tier: Moon

Clan platform: PC

My clan role: General

Feature image: 

Our main hall! A fantasy of an underwater glacier, decorated by SSI_Erebus.


Photo Book:





By TheGeekCritic, SSI_Erebus and JudgeXion.


Labs by SSI_Erebus and KazumiH.


Labs by SSI_Erebus and KazumiH.


By OkamiA.


By JudgeXion.


By OkamiA.



By OkamiA, TheGeekCritic.


By SkuLLtheDread


By KazumiH.


By judgeXion


By Brobocop


By OkamiA, KazumiH, JudgeXion,WarriorrRogue and Brobocop.


By OkamiA, Tlk742, IncandescentScales and JudgeXion.

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Clan name- The Secret Circle 

Clan Tier- Storm

Clan Platform- PS4

Clan Role- Founding Warlord


***** Link with all photos in thread with description on post.*******


(btw sorry i couldn't get my computer to add the links, it was giving me errors, so imugur links is my only choice.)


https://imgur.com/NjrpAAJ 1/3

https://imgur.com/M5ZlAEr 2/3 

https://imgur.com/3UMsMCD 3/3

We couldn't have a summer contest without a waterpark, that's just a must! 

What better time to celebrate summer with a FLOOF PARK? 


Tired of the parks? Wanna see something different? How a Museum of fine Tenno Art? 


Ready to get out of there on your new favorite space ship? Meet your new luxury ride! 


What better place to take that new ship to besides out favorite Tenno club, 'Shake it.' Dj and all at your service. 


Whats this? Got a trade popped up while dancing? No fear let me show you our spawn, fully equipped with 13 beautiful drones, all fitting the Lua scene. Orkin is beautiful, yes, but lua is beautiful and messy. Natural corruption. 

https://imgur.com/g8KxGY7 Spawn 1/2

https://imgur.com/4yXB5A7 Spawn 2/2

Done with trades and wanna cool off the rest of your visit? 

Be sure to visit one of my favorite rooms, the fearless ice dragon. 


He's too scary? Prefer another ice room? WE GOTCHU! 

Meet Mr Yeti. Caution he likes to throw stuff. 


Got too cold running and hiding from them? No worries, Corpus can help ya out!

Broken pipes, a corpus base that got attacked. Soon enough they'll be calling us tenno scum also. 

Broken pipes 1/2


Broken pipes 2/2


Well it seems you've had a busy day, with the waterpark and museums, and trades, and shaking it till you just can't shake it anymore, its time to  plan your next trip. 


Because nothing on your way out lets you say bye to fishes and bubbles in a more personal way. 

Aquarium 1/2


Aquarium 2/2


We've reached the final stop of The Secret Circle. 

Wanna leave but tired of these ships? And don't want to get a new scratch on luxury up there? 

Stop by "welcome aboard"

A fully accessible ufo, with frame fighter, condrocs, and all the posters that'll keep you busy in your favorite ufo. Area 51 here we come. 

https://imgur.com/iVTK36u Ufo 1/2

https://imgur.com/iVTK36u Ufo 2/2. 


Well y'all, that is all. Thank you for looking at our submission, were all over the place in the best way possible. More rooms are coming, but until they are ready the waterpark is a great play room. Thanks again to my clan that made this possible, if anyone sees this i love each of y'all. All 92 of you. ❤️


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Thank you all for sharing your Clan Dojos with us! It was a pleasure to tour and read descriptions of your creations. Here are the winners of the Summer 2019 Featured Dojo Contest:


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