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Prime Vault: Coming Changes

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WAIT! BUT I WANT A EMBER PRIME VAULT!! T_T when i got in to the game mid 2019 it was to late for me to buy FROST AND EMBER. i want her with the syndana.

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Largest problem warframe has not solved: REGULAR WARFRAMES

you make bundles and relics but we have tons of neuroptics and repeats laying around, and the basic warframes that can be used are not as strong or different than the superior versions, also am not sure how does warframe even make any money at all, and i like that you are awesome regardless, i've bought this coming set of prime warframes before, i'd say that i would love to see NEW aughments or blueprints or weapon parts which mimic some of those features get thrown into bounties, pvp, daily standings, and each openworld, there for KITGUN & ZAW, archwing,  or how there are vaults and such other things, and the other planets which have decaying nodes (boss fight will just guarantee dropping uninteresting items which is uninteresting to replay, adding new enemies, or music to the boss fights is barely a fix, i dont need a whole voice-over or a lenghty movie, monster hunter did that, am looking for explosions and garbage meaning something, if the neuroptic drops, it should be shiny, lets make some bet that it can be injected with endo or be used for other creation, skateboards cores,bow- builds with chromatics, ephemeral features or partial bonuses which can be crafted a shield or something using the systems from a rhino that comes corrugated pleats and skin, a mandachord instrument from the neuroptics of a enemy or a boss, or a super frame is made using both regular and prime versions, but if not you can allow players who own BOTH TYPES to get free polarities or some junction bonus, which can carry over to their robotics or pets, archwing, etc. even if its a UMBRA or discount, transferance bonus, polarity or new skill which unlocks when you master ur warframe A + B for Madurai, or EXILUS unfolds, alot of players think of deleting their regular items and equipment, i think this is a wasteful cheat, playesr wont buy anything in the game if they just delete stuff, give them reason to keep their non-primes and regular gear.

so like CHAKRAS additional or combined items, double, and combined polarities, will SYNC if you for example see that you use the "vault or preset weapon" or own both types of warframe versions,  have the regular warframe give players access to something or a mod, stance at MAX RANK as a minimum, versus the prime version's unlockables which can be a challenge mode enticing players with items revelant to the regular version of the warframes and games rewards which might seem outdated, BUT? maybe NPC's will sell you additional wares and give additional reasons to revisit or redo quest, going back to the basics.

or give you discounts if you already own the said weapons or have aquired the items through trade to keep things interesting the players will need ALTERNATIVEs, or different objectives in which the enemies have a corrupted head which they buillt with grand-power, a evil mesa warframe or few skeletons and husk, ZOMBIES which are in the void and other planets like alad V missions could make for new or interesting enemies in content generation, seeing other regular enemies walking around with new weapons, throwing granades or using laser rods is only a little interesting but its better than hearing and dodging predictable fire, players should cower and seek cover, duck and use the scanner once in a while unlocking some vital informations leading  ordis and cetus to craft or update their foundry, the orbiter is the same, if you scan something it gets thrown into the codex, so atleast the codex and foundry should eventually get mixed and have some items or rewards weaved in so players have fun replaying missions and wanting to play or use the regular version of weapons, so far the riven mods are confusing, syndicates dont have many amps or rivens, or robotics, i think it would be interesting to hear or see that syndicates get interesting version of the pack/ DLC FOR SYNDICATE FANS, or that they get their own DLC CONTENT and pages in which focus on each faction or enemy, not just syndana or watever but can credit the regular versions of each warframe or MK-1 and pet until reworks for abilities and other things are added.  with few interesting rewards for missions at least  we can make sure that the basic weapons and warframes get unique stuff, I would like more than just a few generic skins or good ideas, but we have a short-format so, REGULAR FRAMES should have additions made in the future or have unlockables, new traits/passives, why should i get the achiement? level 10? should i craft another? Do i get a UNIQUE colorpalette or some types of rewards for my operator or robotics with leveling? will it help having both regular warframe version and prime? team attacks? squadron and rpg boosters, solo play? might be good to add some free emotes and glyphs, ephemerals to receive with leveling up and mastery, since alot of achiements as far as i know cant be traded for items like other games, having multiple valkyrs in your party/squadron, or several spectre bonuses? robotics working together when near other team mates? moa parts, cores, i really cant think of something clear, but 

been thinking how madurai, syndicates and codex could make the vaults more interesting, since each school and weapon has polarities, or comes from something, like how we have a bunch of planets, the focus is prime and regular warframe owners gaining additional items with additional SYNC and bonuses for players who choose to level those up, and vice versa destroy, or build, this can be that they get special glyphs when they trade or get repeats something to mask the players can give your robotics a boost for amps, or a ephemeral which unlocks when you own both versions of the warframe, but thats really complicated and could simply be added at MAX rank as a welcome package for Regular version players i figure that their shields look different, versus the prime version.That is somewhat simple, but we dont get alot of onew abilities or passive traits, \\to further enhance any version, focus, or lens equiped- that we atleast get few freebies when we discover or regain ranks, add formas, this can be musical changes, and UI changes, i like pulsing and monitors in some cases this makes sense for a kuva weapon or a special amp feature for combat, exp still could find a place ! But i wanna at least find players getting some new emotes, and glyphs as they try each different frame, mode, or why should they try to build  weak stuff if they can buy stronger equipment? got the prime versions? Already own? MAX RANK? Can formas do more if stacked? Evolve? Proc? Syndicate help? or recognition item, freebies from trades, nice.

Octavia, Quarters, PVP items or skins, Syndicate gear, amp, and new enemies.

things missing from prime, robotics and CY/ORDIS, pvp, lunaro 

new instruments for octavia / music generators / additional gifts with mandachords, mods, layouts

PVP should be integrated into the vault system, which includes the conclave, seasonal event items and otherwise lunaro, and operator goods for players to find in the market in game and those special packages which could make a special appearance when visiting the Valkyr and Poison group more interesting, since the warframes are not getting a rework right now i cant say that adding some playthrough videos of the abilities, and gameplay will look great, but advanced players and new players will need incentives to purchase and visit, so i recommend that you add more enemies and items to the planets, and additional NPC's which have new bounties and personalities, music changes for the cities, and monsters or functions like excavators when free roaming to examine, maybe scanning can trigger some machines without requiring hacking, while performing stealth increases some, heightens parazon, tileset fixes, anyways, pvp should make its way into the vault / prime packages, i think the pages need new music and encouraging vides of other players fighting against each other, showcasing lunaro will be difficult because its dark atmosphere and quirky/arcade, so you can at least expect adding a quick ball or mouse cursor will be somewhat interesting if the loot boxes also had said items and log-in rewards included mods, and other visitor rewards given by ordis and other npc, especially in cetus and the basic earth nodes to side track new players into other game activities and modes.

alot of players just do what they are told, and take from youtubers and chat, the market and many orbiter features will be confusing or irritating from my experiences, so if you want to improve something real quick use the email system and improve the rewards for earth missions in the star map, there can be some unique music over earth or weather, while in the missions like vampire mode could include more weapons and parts, cosmetics and pvp items, as well as an occasional acata for lunaro / gift from treasure boxes, items highlighted should do a chimmey noise or give some robotic or industrial feeling, i think the ship feels like cardboard rightnow all you can do is run and its mysterious until later, so you should improve the players profiles and ui's as planned, but the rugs and other decorations are few under game rewards for missions is mostly modifications for warframes, toolkits for modding should include foundry or randomized bonuses for replayability at least some catalyst, maybe my one idea for using the relic's into a weapon might make sense in a future blueprint since we got so many, but they are not exclusive to vaults or replayability, so its really boring to go through upgrade screens i just click through any of them to start the mission right away, the leveling bonuses are missing during relic missions, other npc or syndicates could determine the rewards and types of enemies per relic. instead of letting the lotus do all the heavy lifting, spaning a juggeranaugth is easy but its really annoying, if the two commibng warframes are gonna have a reason to hunt down the beast, or are matching a seasonal event a few boss fight changes, new rewards? 


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I think Prime accessories like Syandanas'  and Armor be purchasable with Platinum IF you own the Prime Warframe. Or make them drops from Arbitrations, Survivals, Excavations.

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