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Prime Vault: Coming Changes

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It’s worth noting for transparency that Prime Access and Prime Vault sales are incredibly important to sustaining Warframe's continued development, and we treat your feedback with great influence.

It's worth noting if you made primes available for purchase all the time, think League of Legends, I'd be buying them all the time. Hell, I'd even pay 15/mo if it meant I had an always on affinity, resource, and credit boost; think ESO sub.

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On 2019-08-19 at 10:52 AM, feralknights said:

Valkyr fans in the back row prayin' for Hysteria to be fixed before her Prime re-releases. 😭

Not me.
Hysteria pre-rework was, honestly rather broken. You could, with maxed Duration/Efficiency, effectively sustain infinite Hysteria so long as you picked up enough energy from orbs.
This is, I may include, from someone with over 2500 hours logged in Warframe, and roughly 40% of that time spent using Valkyr/Prime.

While the scaling energy cost as it's sustained is rather "meh", I can understand why it was done. I still use Valkyr and Valkyr Prime. I will continue to use them no matter the changes made. Truthfully, whenever I get the Helminth Segment installed, I'll likely subsume a number of non-Prime Frames I have just to modify Valkyr Prime further.

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