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Sign up to Warframe Market.


Yes, it is an external site. No, it is not maintained by DE. But it is worth the time and the extra step/third-party status. 

Warframe Market makes selling your wares easy and efficient, which is exactly what you want after grinding to obtain your wares.

With WF Market, there are days when I'll make 375 platinum in 16 minutes, days when I'll go from 40 platinum to 540 in an hour, and days when I will only make 5 to 30 platinum. 

Overall, it is easy and consistent, so long as I actively monitor my stock and the market prices. I'd known about WF Market but stuck to using trade chat. I finally made the switch (earlier this summer) after a trade buddy finally convinced me to join. I've made between 9000 and 10,000 platinum since then. I make it to spend it and to make the game more enjoyable, hassle free, for fashion 'frame, and to gift others (clan mates, randoms, friends) stuff.

Here's an overview of how to sign up and the basics of the UI:

My advice, in no particular order:

  • Small sales pay off and they pay off consistently. If you have a 3-day weekend and earn 20 platinum every day from small sales, that's 60 platinum in 3 days. That doesn't mean you shouldn't shoot for big ticket items, it means you need to think big and small in order to make the most out of your grind. It also means you don't put all your stock in one big item that might see its price plummet leaving you with inventory no one wants at the price you thought you'd sell it at.
  • Be patient and ignore the market trend of racing to the lowest price. Example: When Baro Ki Teer brings primed mods, the price for those mods immediately plummets because the market is flooded with them. Once the people who need the platinum now sell off their stock at a reduced price, the price will climb back up to a more stable price. You have two options. You can sell your stock off at a cheaper price to get the plat now, or you can be patient and wait.
  • Sell what you have. No, I'm not saying you shouldn't hunt down prime parts or sets. I'm saying you can use your existing inventory to your advantage. You might have primed parts and mods worth a decent sum of plat just sitting in your inventory. Look through your prime parts (obtained from Fissures) and your mods. Use WF Market to price-check everything. Determine what you need (or want) to keep for yourself and what you can afford to sell. With mods, I recommend only selling spares. If you think a gold mod might be worth selling, type its name into WF Market and check the price it's selling for. Pay attention to whether it is rank 0 or maxed. If you have the endo and credits, is it worth it to max the mod to fetch a higher price? (In my case, the answer is almost always "yes.") If the endo and credit cost will bankrupt you or is otherwise unsustainable (meaning you can't keep selling maxed mods without running out of resources you need), then sell them unmaxed. Not all gold mods are worth a lot, and not all uncommon mods are worthless. It often depends on the mod. If the gold mod drops very often it can be worthless because it's easier to obtain. 
  • Choose your grind. No matter how you slice it, if you want to earn platinum without purchasing it with real-world money, you must grind. You've got to put in the investment of time and effort, but how you grind is up to you. You can only grind Fissures (as other Tenno have noted above) and not worry about endo and credit costs. Or you can invest time in grinding for credits and ducats and endo in order to buy and sell primed mods (maxed and rank 0) and special weapons Baro Ki Teer brings. You could also choose to invest time, effort, and resources to gain max ran with Syndicates--then you can sell syndicate augment mods and weapons for stable platinum. Whatever you decide, take some time to plan and figure out what each endeavor will cost you in terms of time and grind, and go with what suits you best. 
  • Sell what people want. Technically, everything you sell is what someone wants, but I mainly make this distinction to juxtapose it with the "sell what you have" point. In this case, you research items people want and hunt those items down. Examples of this are items that are new, or obtained through a specific mode or mission. You put in the time to grind and sell to the people who don't want to bother. New items could be new warframe augments, new primed warframe sets, or arbitration-only mods.
  • Observe trends and don't sell your stock short. This happened to me a couple of times earlier on. New fist weapon came out and I didn't realize the stances I'd listed at a low price were now worth more (new items fetch higher prices for a brief window). Another example would be when Wukong Prime dropped. Certain melee crit mods from the Plains of Eidolon were suddenly in high demand, and everyone who showed up in my dojo was rocking a Wukong Prime. I raised the price a little based on what I thought was reasonable. Deathcube Prime just dropped. Guess what Simaris mod I started selling? And no, not every trend you plan for will pay off. That's another reason why sticking to stable items is good.
  • As a trader, be swift, honest, straightforward, and polite. There's really no reason to do otherwise. Swift: respond as soon as humanly possible. If you're in-game and had your sales on (because you forgot or left them on) on Warframe Market, respond. A quick "My bad, left my sales on. Can you give me 5 mins?" goes a long way with customers. Sometimes you'll lose sales even with all that, but that's fine.
  • Once in a while, especially early on, ask for reviews. If you've ever bought or sold anything online (eBay or elsewhere), you'll know the importance of honest customer reviews. It's my personal belief that you shouldn't be afraid to ask for reviews on successful sales. You can include a note like: "Thanks. Feel free to leave an honest review on my page. It's not mandatory, but it helps me out a lot." You can tweak that and use whatever works. You won't always get a review, but asking for honest reviews (not positive) increases the chance that you will get one. Reviews increase buyer trust. I've seen buyers choose my item when a Tenno with less reviews/none was selling the item for a lower price. Did the buyer feel my price was what the item was really worth, or did they make the all too human decision that my review/trust score meant they should pick my item? I don't ask for reviews anymore, but the initial few I did ask for helped give me a boost on the market, I believe. I still get reviews from Tenno without asking. The review score is a metric and a tool included on the site for a reason. Don't fear it, don't abuse it, but use it to your advantage.
  • Important: always give the reviewer a return review. This relates to the point above. If your trade score has increased, visit your Reputation and see who gave you the review. Click on their name and give them an honest review.
  • Diligently update your "store" page on WF Market. If you're going offline, deactivate your sales. If you sell an item, update it as sold. If you have more stock, edit or +1 that item to reflect your inventory. Deactivate your sales and hit "EDIT" on an item to check the current sell/buy prices quickly. This helps to monitor whether you should raise, lower, or hold your price on a specific item.

As for specific mods you can sell, I meant to outline some starter mods that should be good choices, but this became an overview of trading on WF Market in general. I may be back later, or you can shoot me questions/post questions for others to answer.

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28 minutes ago, Rhekemi said:


Damn..... that was my first 8 months in trade condensed into a nice summary.

To add onto that lovely precise data overload, look out for players who are clearly new to trading (i.e. junk for 20p ea or the like), while not necessarily new to the game, they are new to the trade game. 

Watching trade chat to see what's trending can also help make a pile of items for trading. Get your stock, then hit wf.m for consistent and steady prices.  I tend to find a good price right in the middle of the 'in demand high price' and the 'eh, it will finish my collection price.' I like to call it the butter zone.  It will undercut the high end sellers, but you won't look or feel plat hungry.  

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Rear what Rhekemi wrote and apply it.

A very nice compilation and overview of how to make plat fairly.

Too many people are doing the '2p for junk rivens' or the '1 to 2p for junk prime parts'. Avoid those like the plague unless you're really that desperate for plat that a pittance is enough for you.

There is NO junk. There's stuff that is less demanded BUT if you have patience you could sell those 'junk' rivens for more then 30p or hold on to the 'junk prime' parts until you have a full set. Even the Lex Prime (3 pieces needed for a full set) sells for more then 10p.

Keep in mind that if you sell something dirt cheap (1 or 2p) that you can be certain that your buyer will make a minimum 1000% profit on it

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24 minutes ago, Seak123 said:

please can someone help me with platinum ?

... You want to get metal, is it?

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If you're low lvl MR one easy quick way to get some silver cash is to do some excavations, get relics and then do fissures to crack those relics. And sell the prime parts in bulk if they are kinda trashy. Or sell better ones for some better profit.

Check warframe.market site so you can get an idea.

That will give you quick cash for your frame and weapon slots and one other potato.

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