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Do I Really Need To Play In Solo...?


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This is now just getting more and more boring . When I am joigning "online" i just can't play the most played mission


you probably would say :"why" or "deal with" but , you know that Russian guy , Spanish , or that guys who can't buy 


better connection (not theire fault) they are always ending Host ,so the mission goes like this :


- Host no lag is ok , of course he dont speak any of the language you may talk or just ignore

-3 Other guys Lagging to hell , probably just came to rank up weapon/frame/farm X ressource


So while the Host is "Ok" since the 3 others guys is out immortal running and looting since they can't do anything else,

so whats wrong with that? because of course usually that host is weak , and mission lost ...mod gones , xp gone (losing most of it)


I dont ask much DE , just put some sort of priority here some option :


Make the best connection get host and not the first joigned

If detected better connection while playing make host migration

Make the server detect player playing in the right location get priority to hosting


Just a player who want to play and not look around games in "godmod" and waiting to die randomly or lose mission

Thanks for reading and hope theire will be solution soon...

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Like a lobby type room and you get to see their latency / ping and you get to choose which squad to get into.

no what he was suggesting i think was better. having people choose would cause problems and create *@##$ fits among people with large epeens.

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The lag is what kills the fun the most.Ive been playing for about 4 months and i solo 90% of the time.

That sad ,forced to play solo....


@ComCray i'll add you 


Lovered ping limit from 150 to 100 (cant do lower ...) Hope now i find better host and no more message to get my ping limit highter

Hell ,anyone really want to raise the ping limit you see that message?

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