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My Problems with Railjack


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let me start with Railjack is alright. not good not bad. 
ill just start with the Cons:
Mission Types seem always to be too Similar, go there expose Radiator, Destroy Radiator, Expose other Radiator, Destroy that one, and Shoot Cores. 
OR when we have to steal the Prototype Destroyer; Proto What? i have not seen a Difference between Normal Crewships, atleast Visual could've been nice, or Make the Destroyer an Actual Target and Bump up stats of it an Bit. 

the Proxima missions all look way too familiar; Especially Veil Ones, Red-ish Skybox ( space box actually ); your Generic Green Anomaly Thunder Fields, Asteroid Fields ( why not add an Destroyed Sentient Carrier or something ) 

Not sure if it's a Veil Only Bug BUT; Enemy Ships there have a ridiculous Regen that heal twice the damage u can inflict ; Note im Running a Zetki Carcinnox Mk3 with roughly 400 damage as Nose Gun, and those said Ships just shrug it off when i melt other ships with Ease; Especially annoying / game breaking if that happens to a crewship as they have the interior of a Base ( Yes, this really happend ), i even shot at it with the Forward Artillery ( also Maxed Full Rank Forward Artillery Avionic ) and the Crewship just regen'd all the Damage back up to Max HP. 
had to actually leave that mission as the First Door inside the Crewship-Turbine Interior Base was blocked off through a Massive Stone Wall that i couldn't get Past. ( to that time we had all fighters destroyed, Both Objectives Done, and 5/6 Crewships destroyed; no other Crewship has been on the map as all 4 people did fly into different directions and found nothing besides respawning Turrets ) 

Elite Gyrorider, Yes that enemy that as only one drops Ship Parts that usually 60-80% Are MK 1-3 Weapons but very Rarely Shields, Engines or anything else? Idk about this one but a Rebalance of Loot Pool would be nice at this Point. 

Mission Rewards / Bonus': Why are We getting in the Veil Proxima Still 5000 Credits Caches for usually 20-40 Minute Missions? way too rarely actually Ship Parts and IF we get Ship Parts those are usually actual Upgrades. 
Couldn't we please only get Credit Caches if on Earth Proxima leading up to starting Stage of Saturn? 

Refine; well i don't mind using ressources to Repair Stuff etc, but i have had trolls that were afk over the mission and if you asked them nicely to actually Play, they went ahead and Refined the ressources and Left the mission / Squad Immediatly After, Make it that after Mission Complete the Ressources get Refined Automatically. 

i do not want the add the every now and then Evolution Engine Crashes if Enemy Ships get Destroyed as im sure, DE is aware of this Problem Already. 
But Please DE, take a few Things in here as Consideration as a few of said Problems are Game Breaking / Forcing us to Abandon the Mission and waste time / Throttle down our Efficiency. 

Thanks for Reading, if you found any Not Correct Words / Sentences, Please bare with me as im not English Native and i'm Trying my Best to be "Constructive" 

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Yeah, I'm kind of fed up with Credit caches for end game level content.

Bonus! 2k cache, next Bonus! 5k cache, yeah I got some choice words for that after spending 30 minutes in a 60+ mission.

After my last mission an hour worth of progress all lost due to a host migration, so I'm done for a bit. I'll check back next week.


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Issue 1 : Only the host can decide to leave the mission at the end, if I leave because the host is afking I loose all progress.

Issue 2 : If I don't kill the boss personnaly I don't get the Quellor and Pennant blueprints (I'm kind salty when I did 87% damage, killed 77/90fighters and 5/6crewship and 2 guys went to kill the boss, got a bp as they said and i couldn't).

Issue 3 : Getting one shoted while in the cutscene animation to enter asteroid bases or weapon platforms.


Otherwise I like having a new talent tree to level up and maximise, and space battles are kind of cool, just not polished at the moment.

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