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  1. MY mind has been changed. Back in early December I dropped Warframe and have been playing another game recently that I haven't played in years, and from the way this particular game handles their MTX; Warframe in my mind is definitely a form of P2W, and it shows greatly not just from the MTX but also the player friendliness (playing the game itself, not other players) of a game that is not P2W vs one that is P2W. In spite of Warframe being mainly a PVE game with very little focus on PVP; DE has provided the players with a means to achieve almost instant gratification in terms of "game quality/ease of access/progression" by use of the premium currency we know as platinum. We can use this platinum to skip farm times or wait times by buying a weapon, warframe, pet, maxed out mod, arcane etc outright from a player or the store without having to play and earn the item. We can buy boosters which progress us through the game quicker than those without via leveling and resource farming and now mod farming boosters. We can purchase MR locked weapons via Prime access even if we are not the require MR rank for that item (That does put you ahead in terms of stance vs other players who are the same MR rank as you and would not be able to get that weapon unless they also paid real money for the PA). You cannot after all use a MR locked weapon when you are not the required MR rank unless you bought it purely from the PA with real money. Sure vs other players in this mainly PVE game our status really does not matter, everything for the exception of a few cosmetic items can be earned in the game via trading for platinum to buy cosmetics and such but at a much slower rate than buying something outright with your own personal real currency. In a way DE's MTX system potentially hurts them and their player base more than we may realize. How about the platinum economy and trade prices? If you see the side effects from instant gratification you can see they burst temporary growth but do not prolong consistent growth and gameplay since it snubs the rewarding feeling of earning something. The sooner you get something the sooner you will probably get tired of it, especially if you did not work for something. The easier you get something, the less rewarding it may feel and in a way may lead to negative feelings or guilt in regards to spending money to get to a certain point first, when in the end, most will catch up without spending a dime, it will just take them longer. Sure we don't all have time to sit and farm for something, and platinum and PA is a great way for people to enjoy the game who don't have the time to farm and want to just jump right in and play, but platinum has potentially created a bigger problem than most may realize. It's great that we can trade for it and use it to buy store items even when we have not spent a dime. Ofc this being a F2P game, DE has to bring in their money somehow, but how long will this model really last that DE has given to us? I have paid for things because I wanted something right away and I did not want to be bothered to farm for something. I played since '14 with this mindset. Warframe is a wonderful game, but the way the MTX are set out, is the worst part of this game I feel, because it drives everything else in the game like wait times, RNG with farming etc. Sure we have the freedom of choice, and no you are not actually winning in the sense of getting an award other than your own personal feelings of gratification, but don't forget the cost vs the effort that can be put into anything and what it means to your overall enjoyment of a game.
  2. Same, it's always fun to look for a new game to play and do some research before you dive in. Living on the hype all over again haha
  3. I bought NMS during a sale this Christmas and I love it (heard about the rough mess when it released), but with my desires of building a gaming PC and seeing game play footage of Star Citizen, I am leaning more towards what that game looks like it can be, given it has the right direction and continued backing support.
  4. Haven't started the TV series yet, but I always manage to play a game series in reverse order, except when I played F.E.A.R.; the only series I ever completed from start to finish of any game series.
  5. This is why I want to build a PC instead of going to the next gen Xbox; for the VR games and the variation of games that PC has to offer over consoles. I should have built one a long time ago after I graduated from college. The Witcher 3 is great, and I have not even played the first two in the series.
  6. I feel there may three reasons for them to push out unfinished content early. 1. Just to make the players happy with some content even if it is filled with bugs and may not be as playable as the intended end product should be, but at least we can say we gave them content for last year right? I mean who likes hearing from all the anxious complaining impatient players about content drought, when all they do is blow through content in the first week and then cry for more? 2. They needed to expedite the testing process if the current build by use of launching it out to the player base for them to test what they had so far; stress test, bug testing, loopholes etc. Problems can be solved for free when you have a bunch of free labor willing to test out your "new" product and find out the glitches for you and report them, regardless of the bad feedback. The more minds you have at work, the more problems that can be uncovered, and solutions to come up with for those problems. 3. Maybe they truly believe content is ready to roll and may involve a few bugs here and there but that the product is mostly finished and if any bugs arise, players will usually report them. I agree on holding content back until developer rightly believes that the product is ready as much as it can be, but then what would that mean for players who are impatient? They cannot risk losing players because they hold back on content for more weeks, months or maybe even a year or two, just to make sure the issues are ironed out? There's a fine line you can find yourself juggling on when it comes to releasing new content to a player base that is anxiously awaiting new content. RNG and time gates are all artificial fillers for extending the life of any content. Not all players can or will tolerate certain thresholds when it comes to RNG, and they know that, and more times than not, they have been appearing to appeal to those who aren't as patient as the rest of the minority who may be willing to grind through the RNG wall just to find that later on content is made trivial and rewards are given out like candy. Almost like a slap in the face to those who really worked for their share of the reward. But hey, they have the freedom to take this game wherever they want, and we have the freedom to continue on with them on this journey or not.
  7. The Warframe we once knew is no more. We all got on the ride at a certain point and we stayed on it thus far because we enjoyed the ride, up until now. Not to say there are not people that still enjoy the ride currently, but that a big majority of the veteran players have seen DE's hand pull further and further away from veterans over the years and more so reaching out to the new casual players. There is no balance. Not asking for a handout for veterans, but a consideration of both sides for balance on input vs output. But majority wins in more cases than one. DE cannot market primarily to the smallest market being the veterans, I understand the situation stands for them to profit mainly from the casual/new players, so they will take the cake in terms of where DE aims their sights and ultimately the game. Not to say veterans will not stick around, some or a lot may. Decline or not, Warframe is doing well at least financially and I believe it will continue to do so. Of course it will lose players along the way and gain new ones. We all hopped on the ride because we saw something at the moment in time the ride was moving that we liked. The ride appears to be long from being over, but that doesn't mean the ride will never have an empty seat or filled one.
  8. 2017 WF Report 45M registered users in 2017 (see page 12) +62% player base increase over 2016 2019 WF Interim Report 53M registered users 2019 (see page 7) 27% player base increase over 2018, still waiting for annual report They had their biggest jump from 2016 to 2017, but it hasn't seen as big of a jump since then. Registered users don't mean squat if they aren't playing on a consistent basis. Even if 100k were playing on a daily basis from Steam that is only .18%, not 18% or 1.8% but .18 percent of the registered base. Although that is for steam, even if we had 1M players playing on a daily basis between all systems and PC that would still only be 1.8%. Where are these other 98% players ending up at? I wanna see statistics of the amount of players that have more than 50 Hours of game time. We don't have access to that, but I think it would be interesting to see what the total playtime of the entire players base is vs the actual registered users and the actual consistent players of WF. The report by Leou almost seems like they're trying to justify for the investors of the holding company that there is this massive following because there are like 50+m registered people who have at one point logged in to WF.
  9. WF I feel is a game that is becoming to be aimed at children with short attention spans if they aren't rewarded with something after a minute of playing.
  10. DE's chances at casual/new (majority) players staying on longer is better if something is easier to get. The casual players feel rewarded and more inclined to play to stay on and play longer if they are rewarded quicker. Really Warframe I feel has been becoming more aimed at casuals in some parts, and maybe eventually all parts. The majority of players I feel won't waste their time if they don't really feel invested in the game, and the most invested people are usually the veterans, but the veterans are a minority now, and vet's since in minority aren't really as influential as the majority who is the casual "buy this item or PA from the market" and then forget about the game a month later.
  11. I'm switching to PC because Consoles just don't offer enough. I want to play VR games and right now Xbox doesn't have anything VR stand alone without having to use a PC, so I am going to build a PC for VR games and just set my sails with a PC from here on. My console gaming days are over.
  12. I have decided to switch to PC, regardless if they move Warframe to the new consoles or not and allow migration from consoles to PC or not. I haven't played a game this long since RS (10+ years playing) back in early 2000s, although WF still doesn't beat my time played on that game. PC has always had more to offer than consoles ever will, at least for any time soon. Although I am cutting my ties with WF at XB1, I am venturing into the VR world that appears to be growing quite well and VR is drawing the most interest to me right now. Directions of games can go any which way, and so can players.
  13. Boost pad always felt like a poor choice for his kit
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