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  1. I have a red-letter build that I don't normally share, but I can give you hints as to how it comes about. It takes one specific WF and three very necessary mods and one necessary arcane. But you can use this build on any WF you choose. Your build can be supported by this and once you have it, you shouldn't ever have to worry about energy again. Zenurik would help this build even further but is not necessary and ofc running a fully ranked arcane energize makes the build almost double in effectiveness. This build is so affective you don't have to worry about energy efficiency so long as you man
  2. The Warframe itself isn't what cheeses the missions, its the build you choose and how good you are with it. You can be using a great Warframe but without any knowledge of the synergies of that Warframe, how will you know how to build and use it effectively?
  3. It really feels like DE just likes to throw out something new and shiny so we can forget/temporarily ignore the other underlying issues in the game. Sometimes it's easier to replace than to fix. I get it that the new content is what sells, so of course they are going to put their majority time and effort into that. But you can't forget about what you have built up to that point, and pick and choose on just your favorites.
  4. This is why we just need to receive daily tokens for completing the sortie that we can use to purchase from a shop, items that we so desire. 1 Token per section completed and 1 as bonus for entire completion for the day, so 4 in total. Tokens used at the players discretion to purchase their choice in rewards based on a tiered shop. At least players can know what they may want to work towards, rather than just a diluted drop table.
  5. At some point the cart is going to catch up to and run over the horse. I don't think we need another open world right now or anytime soon to be honest. It's hasn't exactly been DE's strong suit. Kudos to them for trying though.
  6. I want to be able to play WF on my NSW when I travel without having to play on a newly made account. When I am back home I want to play on either my Xbox or when I build a PC, on there. I don't want it to matter what system I am playing on, I want to be able to use the same log-in and have all my progress saved. I have been playing on Xbox since 2014, so I don't plan on starting over. There are a ton who want this feature, but for now we just have to wait and see if DE can pull it off. Would definitely be the most exciting update in a while, especially for those who have multiple consoles. Al
  7. Warframe hasn't needed Xbox Live Gold to play for quite some time. These permanent changes are nice though.
  8. I guess we will just chalk this up to COVID-19 constraints. At least there are some good points we can draw from this update, even in spite of the glaring issues this update has presented. Things can always be changed. Time will tell.
  9. Not at the moment. Maybe in the future if things work out for all consoles to migrate/cross platform.
  10. Have it replace the players energy pool with the equivalent amount in health (primed flow or flow for extra health) instead but gives each ability its own cooldown.
  11. If only there was a good open door for Raids to come back. Actual challenging, team coordination required content. Where you actually need and are required to have a team of people to complete an objective and cannot just meta solo it. But maybe its the fear of alienation to certain groups of the player base that prevent such content from arising. 🤷🏽‍♂️ I look forward to seeing what the revised RJ will become. I hope it doesn't go back to being a deserted island again. We shall see.
  12. When or will we see an option to color our armor attachment and helmets separate from each other (each armor attachment having their own color pallet for each shoulder, chest, legs etc), for those of us who like to mix match armor sets?
  13. Maybe the full update 30 will be better, but this is DE we are talking about.
  14. Band-aid update (The used band-aid was merely ripped off and replaced in a different way, still leaving the underlying issues untouched) Waiting for it to drop on consoles, but still very skeptical as to the competency in recent wake of current industry expectations.
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