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  1. Nice changes but BL3 drops tomorrow, so I will be on that for quite some time.
  2. There is no winning on Warframe because we fight an endless battle. Keeping the game in beta is their revenue model to keep players investing and buying more and more. If they were truly hurting for money they would place some shady plays on us, but theyre not hurting for money (why else would they give 250k away, except for tax reasons and publicity). You don't win from buying an aura forma, they pose no strategic advancement compared to other options in the game other than on the draw aura change. In fact on this game its not P2W its pay to lose (lose your money) it's an investment into a digital life with real currency for digital currency or items that doesn't exist and has no tangible reaching where we can hold it and keep it forever. Nobody ever really pays and wins in an online game where your only reward is more digital code (ofc unless you play online games that offer prizes of value towards the purchase of something tangible).
  3. If there's no foreseeable end game, people will keep paying for new shiny things that DE brings out, because they're investing in a future that we as players don't know how long it will last. Great revenue model to not give us an endgame and just keep adding and adding on new things.
  4. You can keep yourself and umbra alive with magus repair and replenish. Only time I play with Umbra is when I wanna play strictly operator mode.
  5. New players bring in the money, that about sums up their motives. Veterans know how to earn things while most newer players don't, so they buy the PA or plat straight up.
  6. Keeps professionalism for public display. If a random person comes by and sees countless posts and threads with profanity labels, they'd probably steer away. Also they can monitor words and speech in order to mitigate hateful or offensive comments for the most part.
  7. Been playing since 2014 and I am only mr 17, I am just now getting around to working on my focus trees and doing eidolon hunts
  8. Got it first run, it's great on low level stuff for reflect but falls flat on higher end because of armor. It's still nifty though.
  9. A challenge is fun until it becomes not challenging. They wanted us to feel like these super powerful beings, but how does that really play out in the long term of things? Sure we don't want to just fight waves of damage sponges, because in reality, that's no fun either. But I think Warframe may be in a recession. Their peak was in between the release of POE and Fortuna. We saw how the open world concept panned out. Still in beta though, so we got time till the full release, when or if that comes.
  10. I don't mind the affinity booster, but I don't care about the credits booster since we can farm that so easily through index. I would love to have an option to just purchase the accessories minus the platinum and boosters for just the armor or syandanas that come with. They know what the people mostly want, and that's the armor sets and platinum bonus, at least for me that applies. They'll throw in something of "value" to make the 60 dollar price tag tollerable. Companies do the same thing with bonds so they can market them for a higher price, add a "sweetener" to help close the deal or to push the subject towards buying. They should offer everything separate. If we want to buy a bundle for a discount, we will do that, if we don't we wont. Maybe more people would be inclined to purchase prime acc. if the items were separated. Even though as a whole less money might be made, we won't really know until they decide to change the way it is structured.
  11. Falling through the map while performing melee finishers
  12. I remember when the abilities were a mod you added to your loadout. Good times, good times.
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