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  1. I logged in a couple months ago just to stand around on my ship, played around on my phone and then logged off and uninstalled to make room for another game (Metro Exodus). I played since '14 but I quit/stopped playing back in January I believe. I have my ups and down periods of time where I will take long breaks away from the game, to come back and play for a few months and then move on to something else. I was addicted to WF at one point, but I wouldn't say I am now and unlike in the past I where I was hopeful of future content, I don't really look forward to the new content on this game. I view it's like having a room painted one color for years and then just wanting to look at something new. Not that Warframe is not a good game, it's just not a game I really look forward to playing anymore. I look at it as just any other game now, working towards getting into VR supported games now. Forums I bounce around on from time to time, because I still have a curious side to me that wonders where DE may take the game next. Maybe they can bring back old vet players but I don't feel that is their aim for content.
  2. Hero/Villain, Fun/Dead. Sometimes it can be a matter of self perspective.
  3. @[DE]Bear Does this prevent players from being able to trade with other players if they don't complete the 2FA?
  4. Passive: Energy/health are from one source. So using abilities would draw away energy from the same source that your health comes from. One colored bar that would represent both the energy and the health of the frame. So in theory it could be dangerous to play this Warframe if you're not careful with how you spend your ability energy. IE 4000/4000 would include the health/energy all in one. Use 50 energy for an ability so now you would have 3950/4000 left as health/energy. Hope this makes sense. I don't have any ideas for abilities. Only an idea for the passive. Have to re-post this as I did not follow directions from the first place. Reading is hard.
  5. Thanks for posting! I have added your Nyx rework ideas to the OP. Nyx indeed needs to be looked at as a whole in my opinion.
  6. This thread is designed for all things Nyx related in Warframe. Whether you have a desire for a complete rework, a few small tweak/changes to abilities or stats, or visual changes to Nyx Prime and Nyx, post them here! Or if you would just like to share with the community why you like Nyx as is and how you like to play Nyx. Share that too! I will attach the links to other threads (as they are made) relating to other Warframes. I will also attach the Wiki links to each Warframe. Remember to keep this civil and constructive, don’t just post up that a particular Warframe is trash or that they are terrible without giving reasons as to why they are to you and how you would fix them, and please keep on topic about the particular Warframe that the thread is about. Nyx WIki Nyx Wiki To see the glossary of the "-Your desired reworks/tweaks/changes" threads, click down below. You can also post a list on there of the frames you think need to see some changes CLICK HERE! Threads started by fellow players for Nyx (Posting threads by Player Name, click on name to go to thread) AltairFerenc Sentiel Bakahung Dueliest
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