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  1. I love the idea of certain warframes, having special allies they can summon (besides nekros as a whole). I would like there to be more like that.
  2. Would be cool if Rumblers were always out until they died from damage related abilities and not be time based. Toggle-able commands like Khoras pet, and if you could mod them like pets and change their colors perhaps. Set them to aggro, defend or attack. Just an idea. Don't know how hard that would be to work around.
  3. No more smooth walking helicopter chopper with my Orthos Prime
  4. Cradle it, while feeding it gold fish occasionally
  5. * In the voice of Emperor Palpatine* "Execute order: Disagree" I personally find the direction of the melee system to be refreshing. Yes a few bugs and alterations to some controller/keyboard mapping with certain schemes. But very fluid leaving us more-ly (made up version of "more" with a tad more intensity) enveloped as being a space ninjur!
  6. We can all agree to disagree to disagreeing about agreeing when we don't agree on something we disagree on.
  7. I love our abilities as is, with the occasional implementation of an augment mod here or there. Beyond our normal mods, I enjoy the seemingly endless combinations of play in abilities.
  8. Looks like wet rubber or the top of a chocolate milkshake. Haven't viewed it yet on console. I will today. Just getting back to things after a month hiatus playing a "mistake".
  9. I was playing anthem for a while, dropped that like a lead balloon 3 weeks ago. So I haven't acquired enough Night Wave standing yet. But I will save mine once or if I can acquire rank 29 in time. Currently at 5...HAAALP! haha
  10. Is the Moa companions AI fixed from this update so they don't shoot at the ground or wall and where they can follow your character mapping without standing in place and dying from being attacked?
  11. Merp is what happens when Sherp meets Herp and they derp too much
  12. You're paying too much for worms.Who's your worm guy?
  13. Without losing player to player interaction. What if they had a market for items people were selling and are only available if they (the player selling) are online. Say youre MR 20 so you can only display say 10 items that you want to sell on a market, but don't have to just sit on trade chat and wait for someone to buy. You can keep playing the game. People can see your items that you have listed up for sale, almost like on Maroo Bazaar. But once you go offline, those items aren't available. And the interested party can just PM you for their interest in that item and you all can negotiate from there and meet up and trade like normal. Who enjoys sitting in trade chat and not playing this game? I understand what an AH would do to the game (dillute the price of things, everyone would be selling at all times and drive prices down, lower prices and more competition would mean less plat would need to be earned or bought for a particular item, less reason for people to spend more on plat and less profit to DE, and the player to player interaction wouldnt be there anymore) So it wouldn't be an AH where you place an item up for sale and someone just buys it while your playing or sleeping, or just doing whatever outside the game. You would still have to go and trade with that person, and negotiate etc. So basically it would just be an advertisement for what you are selling. They still have to come to you for the item they want to buy. That's my thought on this issue.
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