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  1. I don't think that's what they intended in terms of player burnout. When it drops it drops. DE gave players alternate free avenues of obtaining a frame besides just outright farming for the particular part. In that time you could have farmed and sold many items through trade to buy the frame outright. Either way it's a farming alternative that still applies to being f2p to get the item you want by farming items and selling for platinum. In 10 hours or weeks of farming you should have more than enough to buy her in market all while farming other mission types etc and getting resources, and in that time you may have earned enough to buy a skin or two. Unless you don't have access to SP, arbitration, or sorties etc then the relics and eido hunts will be the only source of income. Items to think about selling... Ayatan sculptures (arbitration) 5-15 p full trade or more potentially Prime Parts (relic fissures) 5p+ for parts Rare Mods (various game modes but moon puzzle runs or nightmare) 15p+ augment mods 15p+ Rivens (veiled or unveiled) 15p+ Sellable resources or nechramech parts and mods Arcanes (arcanes from SP are popular right now, as long as players have access to SP shop) 10p+ Rare Weapon parts 30p+ I never farm for frames the outright way anymore, total bore to me. I can make the most of my time by doing things other ways.
  2. So after November's Dev stream, when will the next one be? Asking for a friend.
  3. We only got September 25-26th boost instead of 24-26th. Not sure if this was intended or by accident. Unless I was looking at the timer wrong
  4. Warframe was never really hard to begin with. It's a simulation of a never ending power fantasy. It just gets easier the more you play and the more you collect to grow your arsenal. They could make it challenging even with all our power creep, but they like to keep their casual cash pigs happy.
  5. If the base duration is only 10 seconds like equinox augment, yea that would be annoying (even though for those 10 seconds the specter is also dealing 300 percent more damage). I would think giving Wukong celestial twin a base duration of 30-40 seconds should be sufficient. OR make it a constant energy drain while the celestial twin is active.
  6. DE really didn't think wukong through when they made celestial twin a one time cast rather than a duration base. Especially with the brokenness of gloom and hunter adrenaline/rage.
  7. I guess I should have quoted the comment I was responding to. Forgot the Off Topic police were watching. Silly me. And to the OP, you're right about it being console, and not a PC. It's slow and janky for a console that mainly relies on the use of a controller vs mouse. But at least we have more options of how to play the game. It would be nice if we could revert to the old console UI selection for controllers.
  8. You can use mouse and keyboard on Xbox. I use it.
  9. You can force wukong to use your same weapon if it's the only weapon equipped on your arsenal load out. But to have options like this, there would have to be nerfs somewhere. Maybe with an augment like this it would replace him always being active to being a duration based. I honestly think wukongs celestial twin should be a constant energy drain to prevent promotion of afk'ing
  10. Exclusive until it's added as a nightwave reward as reproduced "content" Moving forward, can we not kid ourselves and call this an event but rather a shop? Since you can farm for the currency prior to the "event", I wouldn't count this as content. Why can't we have some interesting quest line or special bounties associated purely with Halloween vs just throwing a shop up with items to buy for currency that players can farm months or years in advance? If people can finish the "event" in 2 seconds (for those who have hoards of tokens), is that really much of an event? Where's player engagement supposed to come from in this? All other games I take place in around this time have actual engaging event content/quests. Why should Warframe be any different if most players look forward to doing events like this on other games. You haven't quite found the secret to the formula yet, have you?
  11. just sent you the layout, hope that helps and hope I got the right gamertag focus on the general layout and not the ability menu layout
  12. I'll send you a screenshot on xbox of my controller layout when I get home
  13. I have each one of my warframe abilities mapped to a specific button. Requiring only one press. That ability menu is too clunk for the gameplay imo 3 abilities mapped to down, left, and right d-pad and most used ability to the RB (depends on the frame)
  14. I have asked for this along with separate customization color sections for each separate armor piece and helm.
  15. Change so element typre is on ability hold and cast is on toggle (that's how I play) Always cast your 3 on large groups to reduce cooldowns 1 for quick heals Make sure you are on the same plane as enemies for ult Know your enemies and what element you need to create for your abilities. I run a lot of viral most of the time
  16. Wow! I want to see a non-plat true F2P speed run, that should substantially give us a more realistic estimate of time it truly takes in game to not skip wait or farm times. Also with no use of boosters except what's given by DE on events. I'm really curious how long that would take from a F2P only standpoint and in singleplayer only and multiplayer only (but not trading allowed to skip farm times and whatnot and skew numbers) But still even with spending Plat, still impressive the amount of work for just leveling that much stuff.
  17. Wonder if it's a UI bug. Tested in simulacrum?
  18. Yea even if we had an armor, syandana, ephemera transparency for when aiming I'd be okay. I like those big bulky shoulder attachments.
  19. I understand the style for having A-symmetrical armors and warframe skin designs, but for me personally I dont care for A-symmetrical armor attachments except for one particular armor attachment from Nightwave. It bugs me when I find an armor attachment I like in the store only to realize it's a-symmetrical so I don't buy it. I wish we had an option for attachment mirroring or atleast having the symmetrical version options of a-symm armor sets. How long would it take an artist to just mirror the rendered 3d asset for another shoulder, and add that to the rest of the pack to sell? I would even pay more more it.. Fashion frame after all.. I feel that would lead others like myself to want to buy more of these tennogen items if we could have options that would be in theory easy to implement.
  20. If only newbies knew how much more of a grind WF used to be. It's still a grind game if that was made apparent since the beginning. The amount of effort it can take to acquire most things on this game isn't for everyone. Probably a good way to weed out those who want immediate gratification.
  21. It should have showed Mr 30 and Legendary 1 next to it. For those not paying close attention it looks like Mr 1. "Dang that Mr 1 is decked out!"
  22. The operator nuke build is the most OP in the game. When you can nuke 50-60m around you instantly no matter the level. Yea that's illegal. But I doubt very few know about it. Just thought I'd tease.
  23. No worries on that. Speculations can indeed lead to expectations, but I understand where expecting/assuming can get us. And we can derive speculations from what could be expected from content we already have. I, like you don't expect anything other than what we as the player expect for an update and that is some form of content . As to what it entails, we mostly are in the dark on that. These are just the speculations I have towards the details, minus any expectations.
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