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New Frames In Conclave?


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4 hours ago, Murph_HKM said:

Am I doing something terribly wrong, or have the last 5-6 new frames not been introduced into Conclave?

There hasn't been a frame added to conclave since Gara. So we are missing Garuda, Revenant, New Wukong, Hildryn, Baruuk, Wisp, Grendel, Gauss,. Theyve also taken out ember since her rework.

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On 2019-12-19 at 4:54 AM, Lokime said:

They probably just dropped Conclave support already or for now, since not many players play that game mode.

Kinda vice versa you know... Not many players are playing it because they didn't really work on it since poe. Was alive and healthy before that. 

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On 2020-01-10 at 9:18 PM, (PS4)Xx-Ribbium-xX said:

before new stuff is added they need to fix the broken stuff. like melee

Or just come up with an entirely new roster. One that doesn't have to copy the mechanics of PvE content.

Now that I mention it, I remember posting about making Conclave exclusive warframe from way back. Looks like my guess about the conclave version of warframes being an afterthought started to ring true after some time. They don't even bother now.

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