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Super Fissures


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Just now, peterc3 said:

That's not a meaningful challenge that is worth opening 3 Relics at a time.

Well then propose something viable as an alternative? Or just continue to be negative with no actual contribution to the conversation, your call 👌 

I am all for discussing reasonable possibilities in the situation, and considering the baseline difficulty for the current fissures I feel sortie level enemies to be at the very least a good start! 😁

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It also has the potential to allow us to burn through our stacks of relics that just keep growing, are currently useless & are only becoming more so. With the current system it is impossible to open all of your relics, this would help to alleviate that issue, increase the availability of ducats, and help reduce some of the tediousness of grinding.

Safeguards to prevent obvious exploitation like making sure a player can only equip one of any specific relic regardless of how much it has been upgraded, requiring 30 void traces or none of your relics open, and entrance keys that require vitus essence to craft could reasonably limit the potential output of the game mode.

EDIT: Could even gate the fissure like Arbitration, requiring completion of the star chart for entrance.

I am also not saying make every fissure like this, but one per cycle like we have kuva floods to kuva siphons would certainly not be too much.

As far as your protest that it would make it possible to more quickly get primes... well, that's kind of the whole point of opening three relics at one time!

I'll not speculate as to the reasons behind your firm disagreement with no positive contribution to the conversation, however I will also not be baited into an argument by someone with no interest in legitimate discussion.

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The drawback of opening 3 relics simultaneously would be too extreme to justify. As an example, they could put in a platinum exclusive key to be able to open them up or the mission could have such dangerous effects that it would be highly threatening to an optimized team of MR 28's. Either of those options are completely unacceptable and DE understands that, they need to monetize and they should monetize relatively often but they can't slap their community in the face with it.

Likewise, the extreme difficulty would have to be just that, extreme, in order to justify it and no difficulty that high would benefit DE as it would enrage a lot of people as they expect to be able to get through content. People expect that if they go tryhard they can't lose, which is quite accurate to end game players, yet having a map that has enemies that disabled your abilities, energy draining effects, Ancients around every corner and no fodder enemies, only elite or specialty enemies would be a nightmare for basically everyone. And would make many a player furious.

Though I think it would be quite fun to implement such a thing personally, a mission where it is constantly tinkered with to maintain a certain win/loss percent among the community, the community, especially the forums given how toxic they tend to be, would not only not accept it but give almost exclusively bad feedback. The nullifier exists at all as a testament to that and the nullifier is super easy to deal with if you stop sprint slide swinging your (Former) Blood Rush Spin to Win melee weapon forward forever for more than a second.

Implementing that as a regular mission is also non-viable as it would, as was mentioned before, destroy their prime bundles which are probably one of their main revenue sources I'd imagine.

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