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Incandescent Glow's Workshop [Pandora Ember Update + Helmet sculpt done]

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Been kind of lurking in this topic for a while, thought I'd offer my feedback.

As a big Ember fan, I'm excited to see her getting another skin. I'll admit it was kind of jarring to go from your very "greebly" old style to this more refined, smooth style, but it's starting to grow on me. I hope you'll be breaking up those large islands of metallic green on her hips and the greyish blue on her sides. The helmet is really cool and just Ember enough, but something's been bothering me about the spikes... I feel like the middle one is too far forward and too small, the last one is too long, and the first one too thick and too sloped. Just hope you'll normalize those, maybe you already have. This sounds kind of weird, but the back of the helmet is really fun to look at and I wouldn't mind staring at it while playing her.

As far as Hildryn goes, the helmet flows really well with her, though it does feel kind of similar to the ones she already has. Dunno why someone would pick it unless they just really hated Asuron's braids and wanted a similar design. Other than that... feels like she's going to be updated a lot, but I'm not a fan of how her chest flows right now. Good luck with those limbs though. Can't wait to get some more options for her!

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On 2020-02-07 at 9:29 PM, IncandescencentGlow said:

Hey guys, after awhile of getting free time again, I'm getting my groove back, it was unfortunate that my Wisp Pandora entry
wasn't able to make it for Round 18, I'm waiting for critiques, although like they said, creators will receive critiques by next week, so I'll see what they'll be saying before moving forward with Wisp.

However, that being said; looking back and comparing myself to other Tennogen artist, I did feel like my stuff was somewhat lacklustre, or at least missing a certain "thing" about it.
It's more of a self criticism at my end, but I did notice that my style/aesthetic didn't necessarily "respect" the Warframe's "flow" if that makes sense, some of the golden panel lines felt more like armor parts slapped on and it didn't necessarily feel too Orokin to me.

Tldr; I feel like my aesthetic was lacking something, and rather than struggling with something that doesn't work, I decided to take a new fresher route for it.



So I decided to test a new style with Ember, and see how the new style will look, and I think it's miles better than my older style,

Aside from that, I'd love to hear your opinions about the new aesthetic style, and yes I'll be changing Wisp to this aesthetic when I update her.


I like it very much, though I'd add flames somewhere (cough cough in her helmet cough cough)


By the way, could anyone explain me how does the entire tennogen thing work?

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  • 4 weeks later...

People are probably wondering why I poofed for awhile, and the short answer is I broke one of my fingers LOL.
It wasn't a crazy injury, but it did put me on a cast for a good month and I couldn't really sculpt/paint with my hand, so it essentially killed a lot of my momentum + progress

Regardless, I'm back now with updates,
WISP Pandora 2.0 is completed, with Ember really close w/ an estimate of being done by next week, so stay tuned, but for now; some Pandora 2.0 updates for y'all!



Old_V_New.pngOld Vs New Comparison

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Two things kind of bug me about this, her legs and her breasts. They're just these solid islands of blue with little detail when the rest has the lights and panel lining and edging. I think the legs would benefit a lot from the white edging on the arms, plus it would help that fit in better with the rest. Alternatively, add more bronze lining to the arms and legs, and add some large areas of white like on the torso. Those white parts on the breasts feel really out of place though, and the kind of honeycomb pattern looks too smooth if there's any way to sharpen that up a little.

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