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Cross Play (Çapraz platform)


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PS4 platformuunda çapraz oyun desteklenmeli,

Eşleşmede oyuncu bulunamıyor, ne pve'de nede event yaptığımızda,

Hatta ticaret yapabileceğimiz insan bile yok, Warframe steam'da en çok oynanan oyunlarda 1. Sırada bu çok büyük bir avantaj,

Cross play (çapraz platform) çalışmaları olucakmı?

Oyuncular birleşicekmi?

Yoksa sessizce warframe sevdasını bırakmalımıyız,

Bir oyuncu gördüğümüzde mutlu oluyoruz..

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First, not the place for this.

Second, cross-play may never come to Warframe, and if it does it's years in the future.

Third, the most they're looking into is Cross Save, where you can carry your save game over to play on different platforms and progress there.

Why? Because Consoles have a certification process that insists on taking time, and also because there are often game-breaking bugs and crashes in the initial releases of the game for PC that would not be acceptable on Console certification. PC releases perform all the stress tests and bug fixes so that Consoles do not get those when the version is submitted to certification.

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