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simple but cool idea for the new war


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My Operator Girl is named: Vyra Toshlyra
If i could chose a Nickname i would be "The Savage"...

The naming in warframe is one thing that isn't ( or wasn't) really well explained when we started the game.
Like i see many people with names that i think they already regret.. in fact, my friend thought the ACCOUNT name is not even shown in game.. so he names himself with numbers.. something like 2194321h1g16614 and he told me how awful it feels playing a game where you have an operator that is called 2194321h1g16614...

I myself was lucky enough to use my name i always used for game characters since the game Sims2.. Vyra...a short name with only 4 letters.. those kinds are most of the time already used by someone else if you install a new game...

DE should really offer either ONE namechange for free or Nicknames that are shown ingame instead of showing your account name...

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13 hours ago, (PS4)corpusbonds said:

Actually I’ve seen some pretty nasty names for pets/weapons etc. At least a couple of times per day.


12 hours ago, (PS4)corpusbonds said:

Oh those aren’t.. I mean I’ve seen literally sexual names and even slurs for names. They get past the filters with dashes or numbers and it’s just really sad.



Can confirm. 


Besides if it were a predefined nickname, it would easier to add voice lines that included the honorific. Ain't no way that everyone's personal fantasy name for themselves is going to be inserted into the dialogue.

Hell, anyone who thinks that more than a quarter of them will be pronounced "correctly" is delusional. Heck here's a link to Sheryl Crow completely butchering the pronunciation of "D'yer mak'er".(It's supposed to be "Jamaica". But she did a good rendition.)


Imagine the rage of millions of Tenno whose nicknames suddenly sound ridiculous in their ears. 

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