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The process of gilding kitguns is is horribly, objectively flawed.

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3 hours ago, (XB1)Cram Duahcim said:

Good point but I just ran into a rank 6 with a Bramma 🤣🤣🤣🤣.

Could have run into the minority but all I can think of is "If I had that at the same MR.....I won warframe" 



Oh don't get me wrong, you could probably do it if you really want to. But that's because you have years of experience behind you. 

You know how to build, what weapons will work for you, what frames you need. You know how to open relics and how to use trade for fun and profit. 

You could do a straight run up the star chart, building only the weapons you want to hit MR 6, and trading for whatever hard to get mods you want on them. Then you could take on your very own lich. 

But you would still be using the years of experience you have accumulated. 


Is it possible that some newb who is just really good may come along and do all of that? Absolutely.

Is that someone going to be the OP, or share their apparent philosophy? I doubt that. 

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