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PS4 , PS4 PRO, PS5 Server Compatibility

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Dear Ladys and Gents,

if the Playstation 5 will be released, will we able to play with the Ps5 owner or need we convert the account to an ps5 warframe account ?

Is it planned to get HDR support for the next gen. console ? Higher FPS will be nice to have.

Is an Port planned to ps4 pro and ps5 for higher Performance ?


Best Regards


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I was planning to ask this either for next Devstream or Tennolive. Either way my assumptions as of now are:

  • We'll probably be able to crossplay between PS4 and 5, otherwise the already low playerbase will get even more scattered.
  • Even if the game doesn't release a PS5-geared version at the same time PS5 launches, we will likely still be able to use the PS4-Pro version until next-gen specific changes are implemented. Yay for ludicrous particles, I guess. It's one of the things I want the most since I only have my OG PS4 for when PS4 released.
  • If there's something big about this to reveal by now DE will likely wait until Tennocon, and for XBSB if needed, in order to make a joint reveal for both next-gen consoles. Both are equally important imo, as far as Warframe goes.

I want to be excited for a bigger push of the game's tech, given the technological leap, but I'm afraid we mustn't forget potato PC's exist and are one of DE's target audiences. And I respect that.

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il y a une heure, (XB1)C11H22O11 a dit :

I don't see why not it's the Still the same server you'll just have better graphics and faster load times.

It doesn't work like that. Sony provides a service on its own terms so nothing is a given.

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