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Silence disabling enemy abilities



In another thread @BansheePrime mentioned...

On 2020-09-12 at 10:34 AM, BansheePrime said:

While enemies are under the effects of Banshee's Silence a decent chunk of enemy abilities are disabled. Most notably... harpoons and *I think* all necramech abilities.

...and I'm curious if we could compile a more complete list.

With so many variants of enemies, it's hard to be certain of all of them, but the ones I can confirm are generally affected are...

 - harpoons, from both Grineer Scorpion types and Ancients

 - stomp knockdown affects

 - Grineer Commander Switch Teleport

 - Hyekka and Drakh summoning

 - Hyekka ground napalm


To be clear, this isn't about the initial stun from Silence interrupting abilities, but rather the ongoing ability suppression on targets inside its radius.


Thanks for any help!



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On 2020-09-20 at 4:13 PM, (PS4)haphazardlynamed said:

"Lets make a list of reasons why Silence is OP in ways that DE didn't consider since they don't actively play their own game, but are happy to nerf any discoveries that were 'unintended'"

Please don't? Keep this kinda stuff to yourself.

Meh.  Let's not let ourselves be traumatized into little puddles of quivering jelly by DE's over-reactions.  There's zero chance this mechanic is  unintended or popular among players or OP in a general way.  If there are specific instances that are over the top--like keeping certain bosses from using all of their special abilities, for instance--they probably should be fixed.    And I would just point out that for every big nerf DE makes to a popular feature, there are 99 just as well-known ones they never touch. 

 I'm not a believer in Security Through Obscurity in any case.  The primary purpose of forums is to share information, and it's just sad how so many threads here now have some anxious player chiming in to say nothing more than  "Don't do that...because nerfs."  DE's got a lot of responsibility for that situation, but players still make a personal choice whether they're going to be Chicken Little.




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