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A Kind Word On Warframe : Enemy Necramechs


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He's wrong about damage. CC is largely definitely useless on the Necramechs (well, not Resonator). More damage is actually not better because (as he said), these enemies can use their deflection/invulnerability on the fly... Sure, you can see the storm shield. But you can't see it if you shoot him the same time he activates it... almost immediately after using the same skill before (because, as said in the video... there's little to no cooldown). So you can still kill yourself with a Chroma no matter how careful you are... and it's not because you used Chroma wrong or you weren't paying attention to the Necramech. It's literally seemingly RNG whether the Necramech's deflection is active or not the moment you shoot the thing. And with Chroma's Vex Armor... well, you know... you try your best to pay attention to Storm Shield but you shoot the Necramech and you one-shot yourself sometimes. That's just the way it is... play the game and then you just die instantly against something that is almost impossible to telegraph. Isn't that fun!?

I think DE intended this fight to happen using only light damage weapons with no abilities or anything. It punishes you for using high damage with RNG-like self-deaths. And it punishes you for using a lot of abilities and Operator. And I don't think they are aware of Octavia... I mean, why would you design a boss where you can avoid playing the game entirely? And it's not just Necramechs... the entire sequence from bait to toxic caves to Necramechs requires almost no interactivity with the game as Octavia. I think even Limbo in other game modes (like Defense) still has to do more work than Octavia in this boss fight.

I like to use Octavia in this boss fight sometimes to give the Necramech a taste of its own medicine. If the Necramech's deflection will one-shot high damage dealers like my Chroma (no matter how careful you think you are, it still happens)? Well, the Necramech can one-shot itself too against my Resonator/Mallet (and I take joy in watching it kill itself the way it does to my Chroma).

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