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prisma shade

(XBOX)x ARTaco x


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7 hours ago, (XB1)x ARTaco x said:

shouldn't it tie the weapon to the sentinel? feels like it should


It's not like Sentinels and their respective weapons are inextricably tied to each other,
you can use any of those weapons on any Robotic Companion, the only exception is Deconstructor being exclusive to Helios.

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On 2020-09-30 at 12:15 AM, NinjaZeku said:

You want to remove the option for people to trade individual pieces of a "bundle" they bought,
and only allow an all-or-nothing trade, just to save a few clicks when someone wants to actually buy all the pieces at once.

Not on board with that, sorry.

i don't want anything, i asked a question about how something works and stated it'd be logical for it to work like every other aspect related to it. then i answered your question which was pretty self explanatory or so i thought. idc what you're on board with, also it's not to save trades, i can see people trading just the shade and not the weapon to someone who posts wtb shade in TC and that's not cool to sell them separately imo. just wondering about the mechanics behind it sheesh

  also they're not bundles since you can't buy them separately, it's a straight up set

On 2020-09-30 at 3:02 AM, (PS4)Apoleon_amarr said:

Wait, i scammed several people? Lol

ikr? lol indeed XD (i was about to do the same to a guy) he accepted the just the shade expecting it to work like every other sentinel in the game too (to come w the weapon)

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