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Fast ways to level up patron standing?



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Raise your mastery, and cap out your standing daily. Higher mastery means a higher daily standing cap. After that it's just run the highest tier bounty you can handle, or mine/fish for ostron standing. Mining and fishing will net you more standing over bounties.


For a basic fish, the Mortus Lungfish can be found commonly at night, and has the most standing gain for a common fish (100-200). If you have access to baits, Murkray are a great standing gain (500-1000).

If you want to try mining, I recommend using the Plasma Drill from Fortuna, since for me personally, the mining "mini-game" is easier with it and rare gems will go for 400 standing each.

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hace 2 minutos, (PS4)AbBaNdOn_ dijo:

Best way to get Ostron/Solaris United standing is to HUNT.   Cap some animals in the ass and poof your maxed out for the day and have some cool floofs.  

This. It's easier to hunt at night, more animals less enemies. Also if you do it in steelpath mode u can scan each animal for 300-400 simaris rep just in case u need that too, I usually do this and max both daily standings in 10-15 mins. 

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