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Hail Kaliber: Dispensory Harrow, or how I fell in love with dakka.


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Infusing abilities into Harrow was a difficult choice, considering his kit is in and of itself strongly synergic. However, I ended up replacing his 3 with Dispensory. Thurible gives energy. a LOT of it, actually, but playing with others makes it unreliable, as CC or nukes can swiftly ruin your aim. the fact it almost BEGS you to waste ALL energy from full to mega charge thurible makes it sometimes play against you in some situations... Dispensory only needs to exist and that's IT.

but there's more to this.

dispensory ALSO pumps out ammo. and I'll be honest, it seems to refill like 50% of most gun's maximum ammo... per pack. I'm unsure on exact numbers, but that's why I realized this actually has a lot of unexpected synergies with Harrow.


because his 2 makes guns fire EXTREMELY fast - for maximum damage, but also at the cost of sustainable ammo reserves.

this usually requires  me to equip ammo mutation and bring carrier, but not anymore. being free from ammo mutation lets me equip the next best thing: recoil reduction, which makes getting headshots much easier... and assists in controlling the immense recoil that some guns will generate when firing super fast.

it doesn't end there. his Covenant ability massively benefits headshots. adding insult to injury, the Lasting Covenant augment is a thing. with my build, which is high str-high dur - low eff - low range, the outcome is that each headshot gives me 7.5 seconds of duration back... considering how hard some shots are hitting, how fast they come out, and punchthrough, often spraying down a hallway for two seconds is enough to regain 40 seconds of duration.

In conclusion... this allows Harrow to still be energy-effective, while also being able to freely and carelessly make full use of the awesomeness that is infinite ammo + mega firerate bonuses (mine sits just over +80%) on top of obscene crits.

Let me know your thoughts. I imagine Energy Munitions could be equally fun; I only picked Dispensory because of not losing my energy recharge traits. Have YOU infused anything onto Harrow? what did you choose?

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I went with a tank build for the Harrow just to see how well it goes. Full umbra set mods equipped with adaptation. Then I subsumed Mirage's eclipse since Harrow uses a lot of buffs and ended up replacing his thurible. I did this only because Harrow has life steal which helps him survive constant hits in lvl 100+ without ever being downed so he gets energy back through either rage or zaw's exodia brave. End result was pretty good all things considering and I use him for eidolon runs as well.


I'll try out the protea ability once I could get her parts from the Granum void but RNG seems to hate me for some reason.

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