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Help with saryn build



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for first build i would suggest max  adaptation/ vitality. Flow blind rage - remove them for transcent fortitude/ auger secret. cuz you gonna rely on spores so not much energy needed. molt in between when hp goes low. if you got operator arcanes for HP then even that Augment is not needed tbh so you will free that mod slot.

for second long range ESO one, remove molt augment, remove umbra vitality. put transcent and auger secret for more strength. trinity in eso can just heal you anyway. 

that is what i would suggest.

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Have you considered replacing either the #3 or #4 ability with Hildryn's Pillage? 

This is something I have just started playing with, haven't really given her due test runs yet...

My Pillage Saryn:

  • Physique, Handspring
  • Stretch, Overextended, Augur Reach
  • Transient Fortitude
  • Vitality, Regenerative Molt, Max Arcane Resistance
  • Streamline, Max Arcane Energize, Zenurik school


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my general rule of thumb is that for saryn you want to maximize range, while not going too much over 100% str. reason being....you want more spores. to get more spores you need range. to keep those spores...bad guys need to stay alive for a little bit. if your str is high...after a short time the dmg will kill the bad guys before they get a chance to spread the spores.

of course...if youre doing high level content/steel path...upping the str is fine since those enemies are chonky bois. but....over all....you want the bad guys infected and spreading spores BEFORE they keel over....if they die 2 seconds after getting infected youre gonna have a tough time maintaining spore count. saryn isnt really a nuke frame (even though people use her as such), shes best used as the dot frame shes designed to be. if you push it and start nuking the map...your kill count overall will go down drastically. even with my low str...i find i have to recast spores pretty often just to reduce the damage, it doesnt take long at all for the dmg to get out of hand and start killing too fast.

i dont have hard numbers for this...but anecdotally, my high range low str saryn out kills most other saryns and mesas in eso...by a pretty hefty margin. range is king with them spores yo.

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Been testing my Pillage Saryn some, and adjusted her replacing Regenerative Molt with Regeneration. I don't use Molt for healing so much as distraction, and I wanted the shield level not to drop down so far. Overall, this is a great general build for Saryn, and I think Pillage might be the best xfer skill I could choose for her. She is armed with the Ignis Wraith with Sinister Reach for popping those spores.

I've texted in the Pillage adjustments due to stats. Note the duration of 1.5s vs 2s is actually just a slightly quicker shield-collection cycle. Also note that this is a 0-Forma build for Saryn Prime.



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