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Appeal of a person's account blocking.



Is it possible somehow to intercede for a person? Appeal against his / her block? I found out that my friend got a block. From what I learned, she received warnings in the mail about reports about "Griefing".
But I have repeatedly seen with my own eyes how she was insulted for using the spectre on the Survival mod, for example. The players threw a ton of curses at her. Or when she used Trinity and Zaw to deal the most damage to Eidolon and save the decoys. (There are a lot of examples, I don't even know about half of them, because it is unpleasant for her to tell about it) She is insulted by people when they find out that she is a young girl. She gets insulted even for small sarcastic responses.
Is there some way to help?

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support the only thing you can do but best way to never get ban over chat do not respond when ppl insult or grief you by doing the same back even if you think its just sarcasm back at them because depending on how you word things like that in text.

One its gets lost cuz text sucks with sarcasm. Two your "Thoughts" on sarcasm might be actually insulting to some people.

I just never argue back cause I spend too much money on my account to risk getting banned over someone making me angry.

Edit: from what you said it sounds like she replied back and whatever she said got her temp banned maybe. If its a perm ban though might have been something else.

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If your friend has been suspended in-game, they will need to contact DE's Customer Support with a support ticket. As account suspensions are considered a private matter, users are not allowed to contact DE support on behalf of a suspended/banned user.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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