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Double Affinity Weekend


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Dear, Digital Extremes

      I would like to suggest more double affinity weekends. They make it so much easier to enjoy the game due to not having to spend countless amounts of time on Hydron leveling things, most of the time when I'm finished on just my second forma I already want to switch games. Having double affinity weekends make the grind go faster for everyone, they make so the horders and newer tenno don't have to buy a three day affinity booster for forty platinum and only use it for about twelve hours. When you have an affinity booster comboed with the double affinity weekend it greatly reduces the time spent on Hyrdon so much so that I can finish my 6th forma and still want to play all day. The timing couldn't be better either, most people have all the time in the world on their weekends so that they can make all of their weapons as best as possible on the weekends then during the week days after a hard day at work they can get home and actually enjoy the game. They really do help a lot and I'm sure my fellow tenno would also appreciate more double affinity weekends.

I know this is pretty brief but I hope the awesome team that is Digital Extremes and everyone behind the scenes understands.


on behalf of all tenno, Mastyr03

(posted in "General" because I couldn't think of anywhere else to put it)

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17 hours ago, (XB1)Mastyr03 said:


I'm not saying I disagree with the suggestion but ^ that right there is probably the reason you are bailing on the game. I think I've used Hydron 2-3 times to level stuff and I absolutely hated it. I play almost exclusively solo unless I'm dragged into public by one of my clan-mates so I generally can't use Hydron and have to level gear by actually using the gear. I find playing a variety of missions helps keep the boredom away massively. That said if I'm levelling junk weapons I'll usually run Ultor on Mars as it is easy and I know every spawn point for Ayatans so I'll hunt those for Endo as I'm levelling.

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we could just increase the exp permanently by 200%. And make Affinity Boosters Free. Also we should be able to buy every part we need for 500 credits in the shop.

No this game still wants you to progress. And if you level your stuff exclusevly on hydron, thats your way to play the game, but sure was not intended by the devs. Also you can just Buy 30 day boosters and level up quicker instead of waiting for double exp weekends. Without boosters you still get your lvl 30 pretty quick.

Start enyoing this game, instead of rushing through it.

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On 2020-10-15 at 5:21 PM, Rajester said:

Without boosters you still get your lvl 30 pretty quick.


frame from zero to max without a booster at work: normal onslaugh to about zone 12 (depending on how many player and ones skill)

weapons and other stuff: elite onslaugh to zone 8-10... though it is a lot of 'getting' affinity from your team too for many weapons - still, as long as you do your part with at least one weapons or the frame there is nothing wrong in letting others 'level' your stuff.

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