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switching to your secondary should be to tap F (and same if you want to go back to your primary weapon); switching to melee only is to hold F.

Spy missions, in general, are get to the vault (The Lotus will tell you you're approaching one when you get to the console to unlock the door to it), and then get through the vault without being seen (by patrols or cameras) or setting off a laser. you'll need to be decent at hacking consoles, or invest a bunch into ciphers. if you get 2/3 vaults, you'll succeed in the mission, although you have to at least attempt the 3rd vault.

If you're running on public mode, other players who know the vault might just rush them, so don't panic too much if an alarm gets triggered. if you're learning how the vaults work, you may want to go solo, or find someone to coach you through them in recruit chat.

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Frames get 100% of the affinity from stuff if you use your abilities to kill enemies.  

So if you want to level up the frame quickly...  besides doing defense missions in a group for 4 rounds to easily max out..... then just focus on killing via abilities.   Jerk people around with pull non stop lol.    My mag doesnt hae pull anymore.... replaced it with Harrows condemn

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