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How can I farm pl?



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1 minute ago, (PS4)Victor_Peretto said:

I'm new

Hi new, I'm Dad.

With that out of the way, you don't farm Plat itself, you farm stuff that you can then sell to other people
(Trading unlocks at MR2 and is done e.g. via Trade Chat / trading sites like warframe.market).

Commonly traded things would include Prime parts / sets, rare Mods (e.g. from Spy / Deimos Vaults / Baro, plus Rivens)
and special weapons (e.g. from Invasions / again Baro), you might also be able to make some Plat from Fishing / Mining I guess.

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My Guaranteed Plat Farm, is every day I wake up and go to this thing called 'job' (its a secret location, not on the Star Chart)

then every 2 weeks this guy called 'boss' gives me money$$$

Then I use the Market thing in my orbiter ship to convert the money$$$ into Platinum.


It's kinda a grind, but it works really well. 100% guaranteed drop rate.

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